Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snooozing ...

Krypto is still snoozing on the sofa ... what a princess!

Her model is quiet, no orders.  We are riding the bull elephant to the next water hole.  My guess is that arounf S&P 1350 she will do some across the baord selling to stock up on provisions [aka cash] for the next beefer panic.

This post, while boring, proves that I still work for the benefit of my millions of readers :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too Much Government

We suffer from too much government at all levels:  local, state and Federal.

Anecdotal stories of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers acting like gauleiters abound.  Permits are required for a huge numbers of activities.  States impose licensing rules on numerous professions, mostly to keep out competition.  And local governments use zoning and purported health and safety issues to herd and control people's activities beyond any reason.

What prompted your writer to explode after a long absence?  Motivation - there are two I's in motivation.

An article in the weekly paper covering the town in which he lives described a zoning inspector acting in a rather authoritarian manner [to put the description politely] by issuing a cease and desist order to a business owner for ... selling one (1) whoopie pie.

This is not a joke, but perhaps could be an idea for a new Monty Python skit with the Spanish Inquisition.

An entire zoning board meeting was held with talk about clarifying letters, permits, and examining what it means to be a catering business vs. selling retail. 

And one could wonder how a zoning inspector learned of the sale.  Hmmm are there whoopie pie spies and informers around the center of the town?  I suppose the prompt was a complaint from a competitor.  Regulations to stifle competition is so common in America ... and it's un-American in my opinion.  We should relish freedom and people live and let live.

Let's get rid of most of government at all levels.  Just zero it out.

Keep only what's necessary for truly important group activities.

Let's have a new wave of freedom across the land.

Word of the Day

"Gauleiter" - noun [German] [$10] pronounces "gau - leiter" with "gau" to rhyme with "how" and "leiter" pronounced like "lighter".
Gauleiter means a head of a Nazi party administrative district.
Sentence:  Why do so many government officials in America act like Gauleiters?  And why do so many government police forces exist?  Are we slowly losing our freedom without noticing the big changes over the decades?