Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Meandering

Coppers prices crack through $2/lb on the upside.

Obama Fund is in the green again, but Fido Fund is crushing it.

FYI, Obama Fund contains high risk stocks chosen from industries that have done well in the past coming out of severe recessions. The principal selection criterion is a potential to rise by 3x on a "return to normalcy" in 18 months.

Fido Fund includes my old favorites, principally in the resource sector, plus select technology and banking stocks.

Both funds were red a month ago. I added some to their positions then, and trimmed some last week in Obama Fund.

By the way, Obama Fund is so named as it requires Obama's his success in reviving the economy (or at least not screwing it up) for the Fund to succeed. Fido Fund is named after my old dog, Fido, whose name means "loyal", hence it includes my old favorite stocks.

I group my stocks this way to evaluate the strategies I'm using in these speculations.

The Swamp

That's DC. WSJ reports Larry Summers received almost $3 million in speaking fees from hedge funds. These looters in DC seems to have no shame in accepting what are obviously bribes. I suppose the chances of real regulation of hedge funds is rather dim. Summers and Shapiro and the clique will probably kill it quietly, unless France and Europe keep pushing hard. Sigh ... here I am hoping for France to provide some leadership for the US. What is the world coming to ?

North Korea, etc.

That gangster state tests its ICBM program. China and Russia seems unwilling to do anything. Of course, they are not threatened yet and like to see the US and its allies worry. This is why Russia opposes European anti-missile defenses. Russia supplies Iran with nuclear technology and probably missile technology to make money and likes to see the US squirm. But then Russia squeals when the US acts in defense of Europe.

Russian leaders like Putin and Chinese communist leaders seem unable to think outside the box, viz. the old cold war confrontational behavior.

Word of the Day

"Confraternity" - noun [$10]
Confraternity means a brotherhood, especially religious or charitable.
Sentence: The confraternity of DC leaders, regulators and the rich, moneyed crowd seems pervasive in the Obama administration. Is there any one person in it who has not fed at the hog trough ?

Le Mot du Jour

"Assouplir" - verb, transitive; regular -ir conjugation
Assouplir means to soften, to relax, to make supple.
La Phrase: L'administation d'Obama assouplira bientôt les sanctions contre Cuba.
Sentence: The Obama administration will soon relax the sanctions against Cuba.


Bud said...

that's the way to do it'em low and flip e'm higher.....beefer style

long term long only investing indeed


Bud said...

when will peter gammons stop apologizing for A-fraud.......what a joke he is.......'everyone in baseball is excited to see A-fraud get back to the baseball field and away from the distractions'

distractions ???? huh ??? you mean the gallons of juice he 'intentionally' injected in him so he could hit 95mph fastballs ??

but wait told 60mins u never felt overmatched on the baseball field

f'ng lying sack of shit

Bud said...

mets cubs padres......cardinals wild card

rays indians sox wild card

maverick said...

when is the next "nails" HBO special...ROOOOFL

jimmie is such a suck up

mern said...

dave winfield is perhaps the worst commentator ive ever seen.

he has to have gammons finish his sentences becuase he doesnt know rosters.

he sounded like palin last nite.

"Dave who u got in the NL east?"

"ummmmm, i like the mets becuase they have a great team, people like........beltran.........and pitchers like k rod and............................................."

gammons "johan santana"

dave "yes players like that."


Bud said...

winfield was was his first show.......he prolly nervous

let's see if he improves after a couple months

Bud said...

is mike mayo an arsonist too ??

mfl59 said...

"Here we go Metropolitans here we go!!!"

Frosty said...

"However, buying as the market goes down is easier said than done."...I hear ya jim...will sit here in cash as always...watiing for table scrapppppers...feed me.

Spin-em said...

jim tryin to play catch up ...buyin today like 80% off sale at CC.......tryin to kill terrorist

Frosty said...

AL playing 162 waste of time...ALCS M's vs NY...looking for two in the front row...Spin has the Rocks, I got the gravy cheese fry baskets.

Frosty said...

yhoo hcp headed toward scratch...just need to sharped that sand game..."Hey jim, after I wax the prowler can I hit a few on the beach?"

Spin-em said...

looooooool...sounds like a plan....M's/yanks playoff games some of the loudest ive ever been at...when the fans and team was hungry for fries / can still hear em chanting "Donny baseball"..good times..good times

Bud said...

metropolitans............beasts of the east

jj and Krod........shut em down and go home a winner

" meet the the mets......head out to shea and greet the mets....

uhhh.....head out to citi-field and greet the mets !!!!!! "

Frosty said...

TSYS back to the 10 handle...we feeding the tank aazzhead...let me know.

Bunkerman said...

surprised mfl isn't mooning over Molotava.

"Meredith Whitney of Meredith Whitney Advisors comments on CNBC that financials tangible common equity may look better than expected, says she would avoid putting on a lot of shorts here until the companies report"

I guess she's setting up to smash them later in April.

Bud said...

i guess that shoots down your 'serving her beefer masters' theory

meredith calls it like she sees it.......she's the best

Spin-em said...

"jim's" the best

Bunkerman said...

no, my theory is still working

Bunkerman said...

Mrs. B is the best.