Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obama and the Hogs

What a disgrace!

To solve the problems of the economy, Obama decides to ask ... the CEO hog corps. That's vomitous! They are part of the problem. They grind down and fire thousands of common man & woman employees, and then pay themselves millions upon millions for doing just that.

They move plants to Mexico, China, India, etc. and then re-import the products tariff-free. The profits? They leave overseas in tax havens. And then, of course, they pay themselves more and more for gutting the US domestic economy.

They lobby for more immigrant visas, yet use their low pay to hold down wages of US engineers, etc. More students would go into engineering in college IF the pay and job security was better. Yet those very immigrant visas help make pay and job security worse. The "solution" for an engineering shortage makes the problem WORSE. Of course, it makes corporate profits and CEO pay higher.

Big corporate CEOs and the entire executive suite of these corporations are cluster hogs at the trough. They just can't get enough, yet are always doing something to grind down the common man, and lobby for more laws and ways to do it.

Obama wants their help ... huh? For what?

My guess ... for campaign contributions for 2012. And to co-opt them onto his team. Maybe to signal to them he wants what they want. More power for the Ruling Class. Heck, that big tax benefit he proposes to give them 100% deduction for new equipment is anti-worker, but helps the CEOs grab more pay.

They are all part of the problem. These "solutions" to the nation's economic problems, devised in DC and by the Ruling Class, are all subterfuges to give themselves more income & power. Don't trust any "solution" unless it has real input by persons from the outside - outside of DC and the Ruling Class.

Grrr. And of course the media sycophants cheer that passel of hogs as they devise more ways to slurp down everything.


Bought some more municipal bonds yesterday; got about 5.25% yield to maturity on some bonds offered at 92, rated AA. Good deal. We'll keep nibbling ... with patience.

Word of the Day

"Groat" - noun [$10] a T. S. Eliot word
Groat means 1. a silver coin worth four old pence; 2. (archaic) a small sum (don't care a groat).
Groats (noun, plural) means hulled or crushed grain, esp. oats.
Sentence: The meeting of Obama and the CEOs won't produce a groat of help for the common man.


Bud said...

that summitt yesterday was a dog and pony show ..............bunch of thumping tosh

Bud said...

Bman are you a modern day Luddite ??

Bunkerman said...

nope, not a Luddite.

I like technology, but don't support subsidizing it to ruin the common man & woman. Make it perform on its own merits.

I used to be a tech "early adopter", but now am a trailer.

Bunkerman said...

uh Bud, more accurately, it was a hog & donkey show.


Spin-em said...

TCNet down...everybody cryin...and along comes Revshark....15 YARD PENALTY.. PILIN ON .....