Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Arrogance of Wealth and Power. III.

"Davos" is a synonym for that arrogance. Every year that conference of the hegemonic classes and their bureaucratic allies makes me want to puke. The media go there to talk to the billionaires and others in the Ruling Classes and go goo-goo eyes, butt-kissing them endlessly about their wealth and power ... and "ideas". I just heard some Ruling Class puke talk about signing deals. Sheesh, at least he was honest and didn't give us the regurgitated lies that most of them do. Today again I reprise thoughts about "Davos" from prior years post around this time of year.

[from 1/29/2009 post of same title, numbered II.] “Davos" is the epitome of that syndrome. Rich and powerful people meet in a resort to discuss the "world economy", viz., how they can control the common man and bend him to their wishes. Is increasing human freedom a pillar of their goals ? ... No. Is increasing human culture and knowledge a goal ? ... No. They network among each other to exchange thinking on how to maintain and increase their control over ... the rest of us. Every year Davos makes me want to puke.

So is Davos about actually helping people .. or is it about using and creating fear and grabbing power so "they" can become new Dukes & Barons ? I think it's a bit of both, but the well-meaning fools seeking the former are being used as cover by those knaves seeking the latter. Are restrictions on the rich and powerful a subject at Davos ? What about regulation of hedge funds ? If they want to discuss how to control themselves, fine, that's an admirable topic. Otherwise, they should shut up and leave us alone.

[from 1/25/2008 post regarding "Changing Capitalism" and Davos] The system of freedom and private property works superbly, but the tendency for excess accumulations of wealth and power by a few needs to be somehow properly directed - social pressure would be best - and their tendencies to create aristocracies stopped. And their raiding parties need to be squashed.

For example, what philanthropist funds artists or mathematicians or writers or philosophers to increase human knowledge ? Mostly they pay big $ to museums to buy old masters or build new wings. Nothing new is created. Davos is full of them - those wanting a big monument to themselves. A few do good things to increase human knowledge. But just a few.

For example, a program to teach young children foreign languages would be incredibly valuable. The young can learn languages so easily. But is that done ? No.

I again reproduce the quote from Thucydides that sparked my thinking on this matter - I first read it referenced in Erasmus' "Praise of Folly". The quote is from the famous oration of Pericles."We cultivate refinement without extravagance and knowledge without effeminacy; wealth we employ more for use than for show, and place the real disgrace of poverty not in owning to the fact but in declining the struggle against it."

Unfortunately, too much wealth has been used to buy estates in the Hamptons or invested in hedge fund speculations. And not enough has been productively invested or used to increase human knowledge. That is the real problem.

[from 1/24/2007 post re Davos] Davos is a bunch a rich and / or powerful people trying to get richer & more powerful, colluding to push people around and suck more money and resources from them, like a bunch a leeches. Somehow the so-called solutions always have more powerful governments and bureaucracies. There are exceptions, but they are few.

Word of the Day

"Vitriolic" - adjective [$10]
Vitriolic means 1. something felt to resemble vitriol (sulfate of various metals) esp. in caustic quality; 2. esp. virulence of feeling or speech.
Sentence: Every year Davos causes me to post vitriolic writings about that wretched hive of scum and villainy. There! I did it again!


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this generations Sputnik moment......btw...screw you NASA

Spin-em said...

The future is ours(mine).....but Ameriaca you need to work harder to get us more have 2 hands...why dont you have 2 brooms??

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I wonder if Barry asked his Ruling Class partners for more "contributions" ?

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The new friend of the CEO ... Barry aka Sulla.

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