Monday, February 6, 2012

Hmmmm ...

Krypto opened her eyes to check the markets, but stayed on the couch.  Close, but ...

Jobs data were better.  Without Ben doing his heavy shelling, the common man would be suffering far more than he now is.

Giants win.  Oh well, it was a good game.  My Super Bowl feast of roast beef, sweet potatoes, sauteed red peppers & onions, Lucky Star Pinot Noir wine (vintage 2009) and a whoopie pie for dessert was suberb. 

Interesting article in the NY Times about the views of an officer with mucho experience in Afghanistan.  His opinions check with what I've heard from some grunts.  That ten year war is another Vietnam - a complete waste on faulty strategy & tactics that is merely enriching the military-industrial complex.  Thank you Bush-Rumsfeld-Barry for making the same mistake of your grandfathers.  Dopes.

Declare victory for getting bin Ladin and come home.

Newt is cratering - good.  What a whiner!  That guy is a disgrace, self-promoter and seems to think with another organ of his body.

Davos was a non-event.  Good.  People are learning.

The common man and woman are still in shock and suffering much hardship.  Either they or someone they know are out of work or seriously underemployed or have no hopes.  There savings are disappearing.  Retirement is a dream.  Bagging groceries at 80 ... but wait - the supermarkets want to replace them with machines, too.  Thank you, US government tax policy.

The rich & powerful comtinue to feed at the trough.  Witness P&G executives.  They write off billions, yet collect millions in pay without bearing the pain of their mistakes ... and try to cover up their failures with more layoffs of the innocent.

When will people begin to say the Emperor is naked as a jaybird?

CFOs contine to hoard cash in the US and overseas and refuse to pay dividends, while buying back stock to prop up the value of their restricted stock and options.  Utterly dishonest behavior.  Why is Apple stock at such a low P/E ratio?  The market thinks they will waste the cash.

There is nothing wrong with free enterprise that a heavy dose of integrity and fair play cannot fix.  Get rid of the trough and made the hogs truly perform for their pay.  Cut their pay!!!

Barry is a joke.  He has done nothing for three years to help the common man and woman.  Without Ben, he'd be at 30% in the polls. 

Oh well ... Is there nothing new under the Sun?

Yes ... the solar cycle is weak, likely a harbinger of a multi-decade cooling period with major storms.


Bud said...

Ben is on the side of the common man .......... huh ????

WTF you talkin about Bman ????

Ben is on the side of his rich banker friends

Spin-em said...

Didn't notice a new post...

How long does Barry have to make sanctions work b4 the jews move??

The week of April 19th sounds right to me....

Oklahoma City
silent mikes/spin

Bunkerman said...

hmmm spin ...

that's also Patriot's Day.

Spin-em said...

Santorum wins 3...republicans... party of dopes

Bunkerman said...

lol true.

But why would anyone vote in a nonbinding election?

Only the losers.