Monday, March 5, 2012

Poor Leadership

Bad decisions by the leaders of a strong nation weaken it massively, leading to a future downfall.  History of great nations of the past shows this.

Read the history of the East Roman Empire, aka Byzantium.  That nation had two falls.  The first occurred circa the years 560-630 after Justinian bankrupted the Empire with endless wars.  The East Roman empire was weakened by the debts, had a short reprieve but was further weakened in another war, then proceeded to lose huge swaths of territory to the Arab invaders in the east and Slav invaders in the west as its poor leaders and weakened army lost battle after battle against enemies it could have easily crushed in its heydays.

The second occurred in circa 1025-1072.  The successors of Basil II reversed his decisions that aided the common farmer and small landholders.  The aristocracy was permitted to gobble up huge swathes of land and reduced the people to serfdom.  Thus the backbone of a loyal army was gutted.  The army then was forced to rely on mercenaries who were unreliable in key battles, including the disaster of Manzikert in 1072.  Further civil strife led the Seljuk Turks to occupy the crucial territory of central Anatolia.  After that, the Byzantine Empire was trying to survive with one arm - its Balkan territory.  Without the diversity of two economic bases, the Byzantine Empire, which at the time was far advanced technologically and economically over any empire or nation within thousands of miles, was mortally weakened.

Third, consider the great nation of Poland.  In the 17th century, Poland was one of the largest and most powerful nations in Europe.  Its aristocracy destroyed its unity in their greed for more power and land.  Poland began a one way path to oblivion and partition.

What about America?

We have a huge debt still increasing; the money is being wasted and not spent on national improvements.  We are being weakened by endless wars in parts of the world mostly irrelevant to American interests.  The billionaires, CEOs and government bureacrats and thier allies grab more and more while the living standards of the common people are stagnant, National "leaders" bicker and fight for their own power while ignoring the needs of the common people.

Our only hope:  the people will choose wisely ... soon.  We need true leadership, a 21st century Teddy Roosevelt who will give the common man and woman a square deal, beat back the power of the Ruling Classes and their Pharisee allies, and stop fighting pointless wars that only enrich the military-industrial complex.


Bud said...

Bman i need your input

i want to add a Colt single-action-army and a Colt M1911 to my collection..........nothing fancy.........but i want them to be functional and shoot them at the range

what do you think is a reasonable price for each of them ? can u please ask your dealer

Bud said...

which of the above 2 did you enjoy shooting more ?

Bud said...

last night a tremendous Top-shot episode...............Benelli shotguns.................what magnificent weapons

have you ever shot a Benelli shotgun ?

Bunkerman said...

There is a wide range in prices for both. I presume you mean a modern, new gun made in the style of those two. I like to shoot both for different purposes. Obviously for personal defense, the M1911 is better.

For the single action army style, I like the Ruger Vacquero - very good. For the M1911 style, I personally like the Para Ordnance (not sure the model in current usage, but mine is a P-14 I think).

I will ask my dealer, but he might not know as Masachusetts gun laws make guns more rare here, hence higher cost.

Bunkerman said...

Yes, I've fired those and own one now, a semi-auto that works great.

Bud said...

good info

but no..................i actually want to buy a Colt- saa and Colt m1911

i believe they still make them........not sure

those are the prices i am curious of

Bud said...

perhaps i can purchase one from u ??????


Bunkerman said...

I have a WW II Colt M1911 dated 1943 - not for sale.

I don't have a true Colt SAA.

Maybe Colt started production again since I stopped following the industry news.

I sort of remember them making an M1911 in old style, but ...

If they are new, then you won't see much price discounting from dealers.

Frosty said...


maverick said...


maverick said...

I am tearing up listening to Bud talk guns...he gonna be ready when SHTF

Bunkerman said...

btw, the Benelli semi auto with the pistol grip makes a fine home defense shotgun. One can shoot around corners without exposing oneself, or hold a flashlight in one hand and operate the shotgun with the other.

I like a couple rounds #7 birdshot followed by a couple #1 buck and them two slugs. Always have a reload via a "Sidesaddle", too.