Friday, February 6, 2009

Zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

I overslept, so a short post.

Here is another example of how Wall Street was nuts.

***quote begins***

WSJ: Deutsche Bank Fallen Trader Left Behind $1.8 Billion Hole

The fall of Boaz Weinstein, once one of Wall Street's hottest traders, speaks volumes about why financial firms still are reeling from the shattered global markets.

As a chess master, poker and blackjack devotee and top trader at Deutsche Bank AG, Mr. Weinstein made big bets using complex financial instruments, generating large returns for the bank and about $40 million in annual pay for himself. But in 2008 the group he ran saddled the bank with $1.8 billion in losses, erasing more than two years of trading gains.

On Thursday, the German banking giant reported a 2008 loss of $5 billion (€3.9 billion), its first one-year loss in over five decades and a reminder that financial firms are not out of the woods. In an earnings conference call, Chairman Josef Ackermann described the market environment as a "series of earthquakes with constantly changing epicenters."

***quote ends***

Why oh why would ANY corporation let some guy take such risks with shareholders money ?

Word of the Day

"Natiform" - adjective [$1000]
Natiform means resembling or having the form of the buttocks. Natiform complements Samuel Johnson's fine word, "asshead" in the physical sense. From "World Wide Words" - "[Natiform] derives from Latin nates, plural of natis, a buttock. It has never been used to refer to the buttocks themselves, instead always to some anatomical feature that contains a deep cleft."

Sentence: (from OED 1898 usage) The skull assumes a peculiar and characteristic shape, to which the term natiform has been applied.
Current Sentence: I suppose that one could alter "natiform" into a humorous pejorative, "natiface" or perhaps even "natihead" as a erudite version of "butthead".

[I wonder if James Fenimore Cooper was having a bit of obscure fun with the name of his character, Natty Bumpo ?]

Le Mot du Jour

"Se réveiller" - a reflexive verb
Se réveiller means 1. to awake, to wake up; 2. to be roused, to be reawakened; 3. to reawaken, to stir again.
La Phrase: Je me suis réveillé trop tard.
English: I woke up too late. [I overslept.]


Bud said...

that guy was nuts !! sure he made alot of money........but the risk he was taking was immense

and...eventually......he blew up

Bunkerman said...

Hmm "Jeter" in French means to throw.

Fitting name for a shortstop.

mfl59 said...

what does "Rodriguez" mean? fraud?

Bud said...


mfl may just have wrapped up the mvp award

Bud said...

Bman how can you have any confidence in the Obama fund ?? are you watching this 'looting of the taxpayer' that obama and pelosi are doing

sell the pops in those stocks.......beefer style

Bud said...

btw.......obama and pelosi......another version of....well........

'hogs at the trough'

mern said...

in a brilliant move kellogs punts phelps becuase all know stoners hate cereal.............

when is the congressional hearing on that?

a 23 yr old who consumes 12,000 cals a day is a cooker?


move over sir charles, i have a new sports hero.

can u imagine the size of the tubes he pulls, with those lungs?

gud for him! what a jerk to post that pic. let the kid be a kid!

Bunkerman said...

I intend to trade the Obama Fund a bit, but not on a weekly or monthly basis.

On a good rally, I expect to bit a bit of the beefer bop.

Bunkerman said...

I know it was a joke, but there is no French word close to "Rodriguez"

No "rodr-" words at all. Very, very few "rod-" words either: I see just six in my unabridged dictionary.

I wonder why ?

mern said...

bman thoughts on the elephants taking shots at the donkeys for too much spending and big govt ideas.

excuse my french but isnt that like rush limbaugh saying y pay attention to jerry garcia, he is a junkie.......???????

how bloated did the govt debt get from 2001 -06 when the elephants held congress and the oval office?

whats next, frosty gonna tell me i drink too much?

ill be appearing at the bloated liver all weekend. now here is sexual chocalate, RESPECT!

Bart: "geesh crusty, have u been drinking gasoline?"

Crusty: "yes ive been drinking gasoline, MOTHHHERRRRR!!!!!"

Bud said...

just because republicans spent like drunken sailors and ballooned the deficit under Bush doesn't mean they don't have a role to play now

the GOP paid for it's sins in the november election

but in our constitution , not only does the opposition have rights, it is their duty as citizens to speak up for the country

this so called stimulus bill is highway robbery by the dems.....ain't no stimulus.....this is 8 years of pent-up liberal spending

every american has a right to express their opinion on this bill.........i hope every GOP senator votes against this bill...............let obama nad pelosi own it

Spin-em said...

excuse my french....


Mern MVP...vacation stories

Barry late again...... we know why dont we?

I think so......

mern said...

so the repubs r drunken sailors, preaching how to get sober?

that sounds about right for them. go to church, but practice a wide stance in public restrooms.

abortion is a sin and a crime, but blowing up brown children is fine.

at least donkeys like barney frank r gay and proud of it.

i still think ron paul, wud have been the best choice, imvho

Spin-em said...

I like funny mern better....merny maher?/...not so much.......I hereby take my MVP vote back hangin chad style.....and vote for patrick

mfl59 said...

well said....once fun bobby was no longer fun bobby...well, you know the rest...

Bunkerman said...

a bit scary seeing Neutron Paul up there.

Bunkerman said...

I problme with the R's is they are now prisoners of a failed ideology.

They should be nudging the bill towards more true stimulus in infrastrure, Internet, houme remodelling, helping first time home buyers buy homes now, etc. and not just gripe.

That House bill left huge amounts of unmet needs in those areas.

They should force votes on shifting spending to real orders for business.

Spin-em said...

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Gov. Ed Rendell on Tuesday proposed legalizing video poker machines and using the money they generate to help ease the pain of tuition for thousands of Pennsylvania college students.

Rendell wants the Legislature to legalize the machines at bars and private clubs. State officials estimate that at 17,000 illegal poker machines are operating in Pennsylvania.

(sing it)
you've got a Pennsylvania

mern said...

hadnt seen this, but LOL!

In Tucson, GoDaddy didn't produce the most offensive half-minute of Super Bowl air time. Not even close.

After Larry Fitzgerald scored Sunday to put the Cardinals ahead late in the fourth quarter, Comcast Cable's subscribers saw the feed switch from local NBC affiliate KVOA to a pornographic film for about 30 seconds. According to reports, shocked viewers saw full male frontal nudity and heard outrageous dialogue from adult cable channel Club Jenna.

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman real buyers are going mad it time to get levered up sir?

Bunkerman said...

Obama Fund already is at 150% - bought on the dip :)

Fido Fund less levered - just 125%.

Bunkerman said...

Hmm Cramer must read this blog - seems to agree re Meredith the Marionette being in the pocket of her beefer masters.

mfl59 said...

Does Jim Cramer read this blog?

"the bears should roll out Meredith Whitney on Monday to say how much she hates Geitner's new plan"


Frosty said...

KRYPTO where are you...she can stroke my sell key anytime...she's the best.

Bud said...

jimmy said that ?????


Bunkerman said...

my jests about some reading this blog sure seem true ;))

mern said...

new words Bman.

"Ben Wallace was right when he called Mo originally being passed over for the All-Star Game a shamockery," Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said in a tongue-in-cheek e-mail to The Associated Press. "But not naming him as the natural and obvious replacement for the unfortunately injured Jameer Nelson is stupidiculous, idillogical and preposterageous."

Bunkerman said...


mfl59 said...

Bunkerman what do you think fair odds are that Cramer or one of his minions reads this blog?

Spin-em said...

shamockery lmaoooooooooo..thats a good one...fu patrick.. merny MVPerrific

mern said...

shamockery was my fave as well.

check out the big brain on ben wallace. its all about the hair.

Bunkerman said...

haha mfl ... 100% ;)

Obama reads it

Ben reads it.

Hank did when he was in power.

What was Tim's nickname ?

All the movers & shakers to know what to do.


Bunkerman said...

well, clearly the Ostrich does not.

Frosty said...

good weekend Bunker boys

Bunky, you fail to sell something on this rip...well frost gonna knock on your door and pin ya, Skip style.

Spin-em said...


thanks bunk....great weekend fellas...feel better Spike

Bunkerman said...

enjoy the weekend.

Sheesh sell something ?

This is just getting going per my plan for the year

But near to 900 S&P, yes I will.

I have a few stocks up 30% +

And a few real dogs.

Will check the charts to see what is extended.

Anyway, later in Feb I will be able to pay closer attension - a bit pre-occupied now.

Enjoy the weekend.

mern said...

(CNN) — In the ongoing battle between a pack of particularly ambitious raccoons and the White House groundskeepers, the raccoons appear to be winning.

shit like this didnt happen when bush was in there..............


Spin-em said... ever been to Wyoming?

Spin-em said...

any bites on the house?

Frosty said... should be rubbing the felt off that horn...a young single guy on firday night...get the hell outtttaaaherrrrrrrrrre...we want aaazzzlickenskankseneater details monday.

Spin-em said...

get it while you still have 50% of ur!!!