Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Do

Here is a "To Do" list for Big Obama and little Timmy.

1. Put AIG into bankruptcy and break all its financial contracts.
2. Eliminate credit default swaps.
3. Eliminate all derivatives except traded futures and options.
4. Reinstate the uptick rule in a strong form including all derivatives.
5. Require all executive bonuses be paid on five year performance in restricted stock.
6. Provide shareholders with real power to approve bonuses.
7. Require all shareholders votes to be secret ballot.
8. Eliminate all restrictions on intra-shareholder communications and coordination.
9. Compensation committee members and nomination committee to be nominated by shareholders directly.
10. Eliminate mark-to-market accounting for all except public actively traded securities.

Maybe I'll think of more later.

WSJ says hedge funds may get bailout cash. You can imagine how angry that makes me. Molotova's clients cashing in on the fires they started. Buy fire insurance on some buildings ... start a fire ... collect. What a scam!

Financial Vikings buy insurance on defaults via CDS, then drive companies to BK, then collect. What a wonderful system ! Isn't pure libertarianism great for financial markets ! It's a return to the 9th century of Vikings raiding the monasteries - burnings, looting, on and on.

Gosh, too bad Obama's surname isn't Shariff. Then Barack Shariff would be "BS".

I suppose his new nickmane should be BO (Plenty), after the L'il Abner cartoon character, for his smelly, rotten policies.

Word of the Day

"Abysm" - noun [$100 and $1000]; a Mencken word
Abysm means ($100) a superlative of abyss; ($1000) 1. The great deep, the bottomless gulf, believed in the old cosmogony to lie beneath the earth, and supposed to be, specifically, (a) an imaginary subterranean reservoir of waters; or (b) hell or the 'bottomless pit', the 'infernal regions'.
Sentence: Without the vision and perseverance of Battleship Ben, the world financial system and economy would likely now be in the abysm of a strictly cash society. It's good he reads this blog and knows what to do. [joke]

Le Mot du Jour

"Nourri, e" - adjective; past participle of nourrir.
Nourri means heavy, hearty, prolonged, lively, rich.
La Phrase: J'espère que le prochain marché haussier est très nourri.
Sentence: I hope the next bull market is very hearty.


Bud said...

agreed Bman

the government needs to go over AIG contracts and only pay those that prevent systemic collpase

the rest...........null and void

Bud said...

meredith didn't start no fire.........she saw a crappy building with faulty extinguishers.......very few exit doors.......and a lazy incompetent fire rescue department

it was her fiduciary responsibility to alert this to her clients

pure libertarianism indeed

Bud said...

also..........all contact between board members and senior management must be 'official'

all in writing ......and the verbal with witnesses or staff

no socializing on the golf course or at ski resorts or at parties..........period

the relationship between the board and the ceo must not be friendly........the ceo works for the board

Bud said...

does the guest host on sqwauk box read this blog ?? he called the phony bonus outrage

'bread and circuses'

Bunkerman said...

certainly many influential people read this blog.

Bunkerman said...

I think the economy and markets were coping with lots of problems until around August-September of 2008 when Molotova and her Vikings attacked the fins and caused panics.

That led the public to panic in late Septemeber & October the second leg down began in the economy.

Then all the jobs losses caused by the panic led to the spiral down.

Bunkerman said...

If one looks at the size of the hedge funds compared to the size of the big fins, it's easy to see their attacks were large enough via CDS to do the job. And when the SEC lifted the short sale bans, it got worse.

mfl59 said...

All this being said Bunkerman, do you have any interest in purchasing any of these big banks for your McBama Fund?

Spin-em said...

ETFC .70 a true M2M play....adding ...eom
Date: 3/13/2009 3:12:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

well done "bob"

Bunkerman said...

I am already way up on MS.

And have a gain on MF.

Loss on CIT.

Big gain on GE.

Fido Fund owns JPM.

No interest in C, BAC - I don't understand how the dilution might work on getting that huge layer of US lard off them.

Don't trust Ken the Cad.

I have enough fins in Obama Fund.

Bud said...

Bman are you familiar with the monroe doctrine ??

kudlow thinks it applies to hugo chavez.....and so do i

PS......costa i come........pffffffffffft

Bud said...

Bman are you 'all-in' gold and silver ?? lots of smart guys sayin it will blow thru 1000 there a 'treasure map' for the gold/silver bars ?? what if somethin was to happen to you.......will next of kin know where to dig up the buried treasure ??

Frosty said...

FAM has been updated...those who want an update let me know...I'll clog your private email.

Bunkerman said...

Yes, I know about the Monroe doctrine.

I don't see how it applies to Chavez unless the Chinese or Russians are taking over there.

South America has had idiotic regimes for 200 years.

Btw, Teddy Roosevelt enforced it, preventing Britain, Germany from seizing Venezuelan customs posts for repayment of defaulted debt.

JFK did, too, in a manner by getting teh Russian missles of Cuba.

Monroe doctrine simply says, this hemisphere for itself, others - no conquests here. It was put in place to save the nascient governments in South America from re-colonization.

Bunkerman said...

I have the correct amount of Gold & silver for Krypto Fund. I just sold some as it was overinvested there.

I don't see great value here. Long term charts would get me more into gold around 666.


Spin-em said...

tejasjef posted last night in bunker so Buds not being the usual purulent sac.loooooool

welcome el Jefe

Frosty said... are the tie breaker...generalatonal low for stocks or the last of the bulls heading to the slaughterhouse????

I assume you will consult with Mrs. B, she's the best.

Bunkerman said...

I'll have to wait for her to return later this morning - out now.

Bunkerman said...

Interesting, at the conference with her broker, the broker looked like a puppy that had been kicked around.

Also, Mrs. B is looking for stock ideas slowly.

Lolol looking for a new car, too.

Bunkerman said...

it won't be another Gold Mist. She doesn't like mine.

mfl59 said...

may I suggest the following to Mrs B.

Frosty said...

10:17 AM CEO Ken Lewis says Bank of America (BAC) could repay its $45B in TARP funds by late 2009 or early 2010...I believe him, if Ben buys the long end of the curve, with over 10% of US deposits, net interest margins should exceed 5%...deposit could grow to 15% with coming industry consolidation.

Bunky...feel free to comment prior to Mrs. B's return...if you can locate your sack :)

Bunkerman said...

hey, you wanted me to wait for her. Just repecting your wish.

I think we have seen generational lows. That's why I'm long in Obamam FUnd and Fido Fund.

And putting all new cash to work in stocks.

Bunkerman said...

For Ken the Cad and banks in general, I think they will b every profitable.

But how much common does Kenny boy have to issue to pay that off?

I still prefer JPM. And HBC.

Bud said...


'thanks jim'


'thanks jim'


'thanks jim'

PS.......where my 'ops expo open interst' spreadsheet ???

Bud said...

tie-breaker ?? huh ??? check your stupid spreadsheet for the answer

oh yeah.......i'm sure after the fact y'all be strokin each other.......of course you will

'helluva call bob'


mfl59 said...

great job Bud...I'm happy for you...

be positive need for the negativity here in the Bunker...

Frosty said...

Bunky, I here ya BAC and I don't own in my here in my fin basket...relaxed M2M could be huge for BAC/countywide, ie mark ups and much higher prices before the capital raise.

someone not happy with their smile I take jealousy harmful to maintaining ones teeth.

I think so

Frosty said...

"RT for me, recon, great dish"

Great call Tom...SKF King, now Mr Menu...well done sir.

mern said...

bman take 30 minutes and read this and then get back to me on no gud songs being written since the 50's.

looking at puerto rico, too. but i still think costa rica is better.

i know what sal thinx. hes never been there, ive been there 3 times.

u will go to egypt and hang with al queda but the west coast of costa rica is off limits.


thats funny!

Bunkerman said...

Started skimmin it, Mern. Here's a section:

LP: Were you conscious of trying to get inside the center of the sound and were you aware of what you were creating?

BW: We were not consciously creating it, but we were conscious of finding it. And when we found it, we found it without looking. We were aware of it and it's like mantra. I hate to wax metaphysical on you but in the Vedic Tradition, sound perceives reality.

LP: The Dead's music was also completely committed in its vision. It was very, very sure of its direction, yet at the same time, it remained open to new possibilities. That in itself is a contradiction. Can you explain what made it work?

BW: We were just kids following our footsteps. That said, there were some interesting places where people would find contradiction but usually where we found none. If you are able to find that thread, the contradiction completely falls by the wayside and everything falls into place. We never had any idea what we were chasing but when we caught it, we knew it.

LP: Is there a separation between expressing love through music and where your soul or spirit begins to influence the creation?

BW: When we get to where we want to go, time evaporates and there is no sense of time. The only sense of time is the beat but that's different. It's not the clock ticking. That time is infinite and elastic. And given that we evolved to a timeless place, there is no act of creation. It just is. I'm not doing it, it's just there.

Obviously, too much bong time ;)

By the way, I dislike much classical music after Beethooven - all that romantic expression crap like Wagner, etc.

I'll print it and read later.

Bunkerman said...

Fed buying intermediate term Teasuries - that bridges part of the stimulus funding gap for the next year.

Good move, Ben.

Give'em more broadsides.

All nine 16"ers.

Frosty said...

"Traders were obviously surprised by the Fed move to buy U.S. Treasury debt."

they are??...are you sure...thanks jim


Bunky, you must have him blocked from reading your blog.

Bunkerman said...

no, I block no one.

He has a bad case of hubris.

Il y a trop de personnes qui sont les lêche-culs pour lui.

"There are too many people who are ass-kissers for him"

mfl59 said...

Ben pretty much told us on 60 Minutes he was going to buy Treasuries hand over fist...guess "he" doesnt get CBS among the other 234553423 channels he gets

Frosty said...

"There are too many people who are ass-kissers for him"


easy Bunky...someone here may knock on your door smack that smug grin off your mug...dare I say "knock your teeth out"

Frosty said...

Bunky...tinder flash fire indeed, magnesium like...lil trading around the core in order?

Spin-em said...

ETFC 39.56% as the ladies say in Tamarindo..AYE CARUMBA..ROBERTO & MERNY SON MUY CALIENTE!!!


Spin-em said...

KASStanya...big swingin Dick no pants around the office.."jim" who on the phone?..f-that..take a bottom call my azz"

tejasjeff said...

Man I didn't realize this was a refugee camp from the Shark Tank.
Wondered what happened to some of you guys.

Bud said...

ass-kissers ??? gimme a break !!!!!

this blog is the world headquarters of dick-strokers

'helluva call bob' 'long live the skf queen'

tejasjeff said...

BTW I found old stage guy Gecko on twitter.He posts some pretty good stuff and I am starting to see how Twitter is useful in this trading gig

Bud said...

how many f'ng keyboards you break today ???

i'm so hot........yeah you for some young boys

Bud said...


'thanks jim'


'thanks jim'


'thanks jim'


Bud said...

jeff whatever happened to that 'private room' y'all were in ???

you have any contact with eric ?

Spin-em said...

dont mind Bud jeff...he's so far up revs azz its hard to tell where "jim" ends and Buddy begins..lmaooo

tejasjeff said...

oh there is still a lil room with some old timers but not much info of use in it.Uber Bear has mauled so many its not a lot of fun.
Mainly useful as supply of fwdwd investment letters.KSH ,Doozio,marsh,big sue a few others.
Espo on occassion.
Anyone here welcome.
Eric been MIA for while.
Twitter has been interesting.
Good link to look at

Im just mainly here to talk automatic weapons with Krypto....

mern said...

i talk to eric from time to time.

he is doing well. i think the merc room or whatever pissed him off.

i guess he introduced a trader that listed about 10 to 20 stocks that were going to 0, and explained y he thought such.

a certain wildcat, giant fan, pissed the trader off and told him to fuck off or something like that.

the smart bear said something "ok, whatever, keep waving that flag and believe the USA is not gonna shit the bed"

then a few others got mad.

the dude never posted in there again. and he is someone who made millions in the 4th q.

mern said...

BW: When we get to where we want to go, time evaporates and there is no sense of time. The only sense of time is the beat but that's different. It's not the clock ticking. That time is infinite and elastic. And given that we evolved to a timeless place, there is no act of creation. It just is. I'm not doing it, it's just there.

Obviously, too much bong time ;)

see bman u sound like bud on costa rica. if u never went to a GUD to GREAT dead show (not a shitty one, which there were plenty of, especially near the end!), and were on acid, then u have no point of reference.

thats y church does nothing for me,not that it ever really did.

u want to connect with the universe, at least for a fleeting second. that is/was a source. its an energy, and u cant just make it happen, it has to want to happen.

thats y the interplay between band and audience is so intense with the dead, phish, widespread, the allmans.

my main point, however, is when you read that article, their music is just so much more complex and well better than that stuff u posted. frankly i didnt care for andrews pipes. the music, i think i cud have played it in my 6th grade band, when i played the clarinet.

ask any guitar player if they ever tried to play dave mathews and almost all will say yes, but they can never get the tunes. and the guy sings while he plays. thats mind boggling.

tejasjeff said...

Yes thats kind of what happened.
Zeta was the guys name.
He was certainly right on his REIT calls.KSH and Doozio still short of his call though and are getting a whipping right now.
Just kind of violates a room karma to show up day 1 and start saying you dont believe my thesis your all morons and btw this country sucks and I plan to be gone from it in another few months while you dumbasses go broke and starve as your opening posts.
Besides from that he was a nice guy.....
I'm just a trader like Eric,I try not to let anyone piss me off.
Distracting to get pissed off at letters on a screen.

Spin-em said...

Besides from that he was a nice guy.....


tejasjeff said...

Completely off topic but I know Bunkerman would appreciate this.
Saw not one , but both of my teenage daughters are Facebook members of the group-"CheGuerva was a murderer and your Tshirt isn't cool"
Father is well pleased...

Bunkerman said...

lol, good one, Teja.

Your chromosomes must have a "smart" gene in them, and/or you were a good daddy.

Bunkerman said...

btw, this blog has no boundaries, no crypto-fascists.