Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Files

Life under an omnipotent government or even a collusive private sector is quite dehumanizing.

For an good example of such in Red China, see this fascinating example from FT:

In the US, the "credit score" system seems similar to me. Those services for the banks report much false and inaccurate information about people, which can then hurt individuals not only for obtaining credit but also for employment, getting insurance and many other things. I've often wondered why, if the service reports incorrect information, it isn't liable for defamation.

In fact, the entire "identity theft" issue seems a case of defamation by the credit services, banks and other lending services. They get scammed and then proceeded to defame an innocent person, forcing him to clean up his record. That's just wrong. The credit services and banks SHOULD be liable for defamation.

I've complained to a well-positioned US senator about this, but the message just doesn't get across. Or the banks have too much power. I suppose they have some secret legal protection.

Medical information is another problem about "The Files". Who can see them, who can check them, are they accurate, and who corrects errors ? I once asked for a medical file, but was told that they could only send it to my doctor. I became very forceful, but the insurance company would not relent. So I ordered it sent to my then doctor and he proceeded to show me the information. Infuriating.

Obama Care promises to continue the process of nationalizing this data. Are safeguards in place ? I suspect not, regardless of all that "Privacy" baloney we are, in effect, forced to sign to gain services.

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