Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I returned from a fine trip to Amsterdam. I'll write a lot more later, but Amsterdam is very enjoyable city to visit - friendly people, wonderful sites, superb food and easy to get around. I recommend it for a vacation to anyone. We also saw Haarlem and The Hague on day trips - both were equally fine visits.


Mrs. B and I both enjoyed watching a number of soccer games in the evenings after a long day of touring and a fine dinner. I suppose I am now as much of a soccer fan as I am of other major sports. [That's not a high bar, btw.] Soccer is an exciting sport to watch once one gets familiar with the rules and how goals are set up. In excitement, I compare it to baseball or hockey - both often have low scoring and long set-ups for explosive moments. Rugby is a better game, but ...

And to commemorate this conversion, I composed a triad of poems that also might qualify for a record short collection of poems. They are below, with titles in bold italics.



Score 1st Half


Final Score


[I could not resist having a bit of fun at the expense of soccer :)))) ]


I checked the model this AM and Krypto might soon want to sell some emerging market stocks to put into cash. The model says do it, but I might wait another day or two to get a stronger signal.

Word of the Day

"Madstone" - noun [$1000]
Madstone means a stone supposed to have the power of allaying or curing the madness caused by the bite of a "mad" animal.
Sentence: Perhaps the next team Le Bleu of France should all wear charms containing a madstone to avoid the vicious infighting and dissension that seems to have been their downfall in this World Cup.


mfl59 said...

"Soccer is an exciting sport to watch once one gets familiar with the rules and how goals are set up."

No apology necessary sir...just enjoy it...USA USA USA

Bunkerman said...


I'll be watching this AM.

Bunkerman said...

darn, was on conf. call and missed winning GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL


Frosty said...

coffee house hoppin...full load hookah hashish...once gooned out of your mind...did you revert to a public display of homosexual tendencies while in your psychedelic fog sir.

Bunkerman said...


We did walk through the red light district there when looking for the Old Church.

Saw plenty of pot houses & a "few" ladies displaying their "goods".

Frosty said...

few" ladies displaying their "goods"....LMAOOO that's what we're talkinbout...all about the packaging...presentation...sounds like a write off...R&D indeed.

maverick said...

welcome back Bman...bud still MIA

hmmm ....that vacation sounds like fun....full of hooch and trim...
I'm in