Monday, June 7, 2010

As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap

"Ye" is an archaic, obsolete form for the nominative 2nd person plural of "you".

On Friday we saw an instantiation of this proverb in the monthly jobs report. The report showed the private sector created merely 41,000 jobs in May, of which 31,000 were thought to be temporary, making a net private sector job creation of 10,000. Abysmal ! That is the jobs harvest of the Pelosi-Obama "Stimulus" bill [aka the "POS" bill ] passed about 15 months ago, which had a price tag of about $800 billion. All the time lags one could expect have passed. So much for the "jump-starting" metaphor and the "shovel-ready" projects. The rhetoric was all there was in the POS.

Did POS fund any permanent improvements for the US ? Did it fund needed rail transport improvements to provide long term alternatives to gasoline/diesel cars & trucks ? Nope. Did it fund a national high-speed Internet improvements ? Nope. Did it fund port improvements and improve rail connections to help US companies export ? Nope. Did it fund nuclear power construction to provide domestic sources of energy ? Nope. Did it fund better cell phone access for remote (and not so remote) areas of the US ? Nope. Did it fund urban high speed wireless Internet access ? Nope. Did it fund improvements in tourist sites or wilderness areas or historical rehabilitation to increase tourism and domestic demand ? Nope.

It's rather hard to see any highway improvements, either, beyond what seems like ordinary repairs & maintenance.

All the POS did was throw money at wasteful state & local governments and fritter away that $800 billion on innumerable pet projects of the ruling classes in DC. In other words, it was spent like the earmarks that Congress loves to feed on in their trough - payoffs for their supporters.

The POS sowed nothing and now the US reaps only scattered weeds. And more ... in the interim, did Obama use any fertilizer ? Nope. He did NOTHING to help the private sector - and in fact has harmed it with his health care monstrosity, which will impose huge new burdens and costs on the private sector.

Meanwhile, every week we see over 400,000 new layoffs. Who in their right mind can think this "recovery" has legs ? Just imagine the effect of those layoffs on the 400,000 families affected. And the Obama propaganda machine rolls on, spreading happy-talk and outright lies. His economic "plan" is now in tatters - but was there ever a plan ? I think not. He did nothing and even cooperated while the Pelosi crowd of ruling class hogs slurped up the money for their friends.

The people need to act and kick that passel of hogs out of office at every level of government. And get the government off the backs of the private sector. And take charge of this recovery themselves.

Btw, I see no "double-dip", just stagnation for awhile while the people act.


None planned or foreseen. Krypto seems content.

Word of the Day

"Cautelous" - adjective [$1000] from "Cautel" - noun, verb (substantive) [$1000] Obsolete, archaic.
Cautel means (noun) 1. a crafty device, artifice, stratagem, trick, sleight, deceit; 2. cunning, craftiness, wiliness, trickery; 3. caution, wariness, heedfulness; 4. a precaution: in Law, an exception, restriction, or reservation made for precaution's sake; (verb) to deceive, beguile, to devise cunningly or craftily.
Cautelous means 1. full of cautels, deceitful, crafty, artful, wiliy; cautious, wary, heedful, circumspect.
Sentence: (A) [from Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act II, Scene 1] "Swear priests and cowards and men cautelous" - spoken by Brutus disclaiming any need for the "noble" conspirators to swear to murder Caesar. (B) The people need leaders, true leaders who will lead with DEEDS, not words, and who are not mere cautelous knaves.


Spin-em said...

congrats on Startout Sal....

Frosty said...

the cautelous ppt hard at work overnight...think Sal hired by the beard as turbantrader...lilpaki a national hero.

Frosty said...

non-profit updater...I could use a slice of that snapper skim...thx in advance.

Bunkerman said...

my non-profit is moving ahead. Getting IRS approval is a real pain in the butt - 41 page form.

Spin-em said...

my non-profit is moving ahead.....or OUR...loool

Frosty said...

"snapper" ($priceless)

Bunkerman said...

okok, "OUR" - but since you guys don't know my two co-conspirators, I think the "my" was reasonable in this context.