Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Poem about P-O-R

Yesterday I beat up on modern poets. Today I publish one that I wrote for a lark yesterday; it's sort of a retort to imagined comments from poets angry with me, saying, "you're so smart, Bman, can you write a poem that meets some of your criteria for a true poem". I did it as you'll see below, expanding a metaphor that I've thought fits the attitude of modern liberals for decades.

The P-O-R Three, the Man and the Cow

O Nancy of pearls and wine and brie,
O’bama of wind and blath’r and scowl,
O Ried of des’rt and city of glee,
When you see Man of prosper’ty,
We know your mind’s eye does see
A cow dropping to its knee.

You will tax and tax,
To the max and max,
As a leech does a bleed,
As the vampire does feed,
You fix leechs more and more
To those men as cow’s herd of your,
To feed the hogs of your trough,
Until the cows all fall to rough.

Then with feigned grace all you three
Will scrape some leaches from backs
‘til said cows - Men - stand and be,
Slaves again to feed you tax.

***End of Poem***


Waiting. Still riding that Brontosaurus, looking for the next water hole. I think the model will give some sell orders if the S&P 500 nears 1200. Krypto is far outperforming the S&P 500 and most beefers managers. Good doggie ... here's a bonus biscuit.

Word of the Day

"Fie" - interjection [$10] archaic
Fie expresses 1. disgust, shame or a pretense of outraged propriety; 2. distaste or shock.

A Poem about P-O-R

You lie!


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