Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIF ... and a some thoughts

Attention Billionaires!

Shut up!

Sure, you're rich. And some of you made that money by building up a company. Or by running a hedge fund. Or by investing.

But that does NOT make you either an expert or even knowledgeable about anything beyond your own personal experience and work. You open your mouths with ga-ga eyes to the press, loving their adoration and attention, and bloviate about all sorts of subjects. Barry calls you and asks for advice, as he did Steve Jobs yesterday. He acts like he listens. The press glow - after all, you give them cachet.

But in reality you know zippo, zero, nothing about almost everything you blather about. A first line manager knows more. A ground level worker knows more. A sole proprietor knows more. You've been cossetted for years by a cadre of aides doing your bidding. Do you even write your own checks? Fill out your tax return? Take you car to be serviced? Know a friend having a run of bad luck? Personally know anyone who has suffered in this recession (caused by the Street and hedge funds)?


You know nothing. And you make that obvious with your advice that you proffer too readily.

Socrates said, paraphrasing, that if you don't know what you don't know, you are ignorant.

Someone else said, it's better to be quiet than open your mouth and let people know you're a fool.

Billionaires: Shut Up!

We don't care about you're stupid, foolish ideas or beliefs. Go do something and help the poor directly, or hire some people for useful work, or send some kids to college without huge loan debts. Act, don't talk.

Word of the Day

"Disyllable" - noun [$10] also 'dissyllable', Prosody
Disyllable means a word or metrical foot of two syllables.
Sentence: "Shut Up" is a written and spoken disyllable, being written as two one-syllable words, spoken for emphasis with word distinction as "Shut ... up!", or shot out with force as the two syllable utterance - "shuddup"! In all three usages, it applies to all billionaires all the time.


Bud said...

In the letter, Mr. Geithner also said G-20 countries should "commit to refrain from exchange-rate policies designed to achieve competitive advantage by either weakening their currency or preventing appreciation of an undervalued currency."

really ??? have you no shame mr secretary ? the united states government is intentionally and purposefully devaluing it's currency everyday

QE2 makes me puke

Bud said...

Bman says QE2 will create jobs ?? huh ?? what a load of rubbish

Bman i think you need are eligible for tuition refunds from Harvard and MIT..............cuz they obviously didn't teach you jack

Bud said...

inflation check :

ok spoke to my barista at starbucks this grande skim latte costs 3.7 with tax.............and he confirmed to me that i was paying something in the 3.50s a year ago

i didn't go to MIT but even i know that computes to more than 1% inflation

QE2 = mega-inflation

Bud said...

Bman is the United States on the same path as Zimbabwe ???

Bud said...

Bman do you employ a gardener ?? who clears your brush

Bud said...

Oh, and Ben, your criminal organization will one day pay for making a complete manipulated travesty out of capital markets.

from a blog i follow..............QE2 is looting the national doubt about that

Bman how can you be so obtuse ????

Bunkerman said...

roflmao ... "my barista"

that says it all.

willing to pay $3+ for a $1 cup of joe.

Bunkerman said...

yup, Bud, I hire a gardener-landscaper to take care of my "grounds".

Cost me $80 for a simple mowing.

US citizens, btw.

I do the mantraps, punji pits myself ;)

Bunkerman said...

"from a blog i follow..............QE2 is looting the national doubt about that"

I wonder that logic leads that writer to such a conclusion?

That blogger is wrong - incorrect. Ft. Knox gold is worth more than ever. QED.

Bud ... that blogger must be a dope blowhard.

Spin-em said...



Bunkerman said...

Don't tell the the chief boob is spouting his boob bait for the bubbas again.


Spin-em said...

Bud do you tip your barista???..some here...and I wont mention any names are pretty tight when it comes to this matter.....

Spin-em said...

I wonder if Bud cries about lower natty gas bout TV's...I bet Jim appreciates the big drop in 42" flat screens...Gunny Highway says stop the pill poppin and use that $$ to buy all the MF bananas you want...adapt...improvise... stop ur faggity

Bunkerman said...

good point, spin.

Bman tips the gal who makes his subs ... generously.

Ditto his haircut gal.


Bunkerman said...

I'm sure Bud give his barista a Finn and says keep the change.

Bunkerman said...

I wonder frosty gives his gun bearer for a tip ...

Does B'wana tip well ... or niggardly?

[save the guffas - that word coems from Scandanavian:

1325–75; ME nyggard, equiv. to nig niggard (< Scand; cf. dial. Sw nygg; akin to OE hnÄ“aw stingy) + -ard ]

Frosty said...

LMAOOO...oh brother...bear grylls is a piker.

Frosty said...

hookem horns -21 a spot on lock...lock of the week I was told...guy knows football and trim...nuff said.

mfl59 said...

Bunk some people think you like to take shots at billionaires because you arent one sir...just thought you should know.....what say you?

Bunkerman said...

"Bunk some people think you like to take shots at billionaires because you arent one sir...just thought you should know.....what say you?"

Lolol the voice of the big mouths, who likely do nothing along the lines of what I urge billionaries to do.

All I urge billionares to do is what Pericles or Aritstotle would urge them ... and shame them for not doing it.

And by the way, although I'm far from a billionaire (just wine & cheese "rich"), I do walk the walk on helping people; and don't spend my life trying to make more and more money.

I stopped trying to make more money in late 2006 - had enough by then for any thinking man.

I can't understand why anyone spends their life just making more and more money, if they have enough to live a comfortable, contemplative life, learning as much as possible, thinking and helping people.

btw, that "if" above is critical to the statement.

Bunkerman said...

I've written several times before that I think the attitudes and actions of billionaires in the US is a disgrace. They should be publicly shamed and ostracized for their arrogance and greed.

Bunkerman said...

also, I notice that comment had no rational criticism of my attacks on billionaires ... guess they have no reply and tacitly acknowledge I'm correct.

a typical ad hominem assault by the booboise aka Homo Boobus.

Spin-em said...

people in general are miserable,selfish,ungrateful,mannerless,me,me,me... dirty.... rotten scoundrels.....

Frosty said...

Bunky and jesus christ were in the same cub scout troop u know.

Bunkerman said...

It seems like every day Blabberg or Bubblevision will smooch some billionaire's butt and give them a megaphone.

They make me puke.

Bunkerman said...

Has there ever been a more valueless clique of pseudo-aristocrats?

Seems like all they ever do for the people is toss a few K to one of their friend's "charities", prance at black tie galas to get their butts kissed by their claques, and get their photos in society pages.

barfucious! vomitous!

mfl59 said...

Holy cow Bunk....maybe you really are a common man at heart.....

Frosty said...

gesh...helmet contest...whose panties contain the highest moisture content today...Bunky or Sal?