Monday, November 15, 2010

Viking Capitalism

As Europe suffered in the ninth century from Viking raids that brought devastation, social turmoil and serfdom, the world today suffers from Viking Capitalism.

What is Viking Capitalism?

Viking Capitalism relies on the ideology of unfettered economic power for whoever can grab it. And that societies should not organize to prevent the raids of the Vikings. Yup, that's right. Societies and peoples are actively prevented from defending themselves from the Vikings. No limits to the power of the few; rules and laws to prevent the common man and woman from effective defense.

This is a mutant of world Libertarianism designed to help the powerful get... more power. It's a naturally occurring mutation, though. The Hayek analysis applied to Libertarianism showed its failure in this specific fault [see this blog's post of October 18, 2010]. Unfettered freedom for the powerful leads them to grab more power and they use that power ruthlessly to prevent others from organizing to defend themselves. This is what the Vikings are doing in the world.

Who are the Vikings ?

Beefers - big, evil funds and their Rulng Class investors; Big multinational corporations; Non-governmental organizations such as the World Bank and IMF; CEO suite hogs; Ruthless intellectuals in the New Class; All those people who meet at Davos every year.

What do they do ?

Organize currency raids on nations. Cause financial turmoils with huge flows - tsunamis - of money flows in and out of nations. Raid capital markets. And trade flows. Free trade lets the multinationals gut jobs and factories in one nation, and move production to wherever they can make it cheaper, often via bribes and corrupt deals in the new locations.

The US has been subject to Viking capitalist raids since GATT. Small nations are hammered by beefer currency raids. The CEOs of the powerful corporations take more and more pay, yet shareholder returns suffer. Pay for the common man and woman worker goes down, despite increasing productivity by them. Those CEO hogs are another class of the Vikings.

The ruling classes use legislation and pressure by world organizations to prevent nations from defending themselves. In the US, legislation and the power groups in DC pile regulations onto business and tax employment in the US. Yet GATT lets the Vikings take jobs to small countries whose leaders they can pressure to gain favors, them freely import those good back to the US, without paying anything to support America. Those corporate Vikings don't even pay US income taxes - they use a barndoor-sized loophole to avoid tax until the money comes back to the US. Of course, it NEVER comes back. The Vikings use that money overseas to create power bases there.

The Viking intellectuals write laws to protect THEIR products and use governmental power to prevent free trade in those products.

Consider this dichotomy:

(I) A factory in Ohio makes a product via the hands of the common man. A Viking Capitalist can copy that plant & product in Asia and bring copies of the product back to the US freely, to gut the Ohio business. The Viking pays no US taxes, while the Ohio plant and workers paid plenty to support America. The Vikings and Ruling Classes say this is good and fine; they get richer while the common man or woman becomes destitute.

(II) A writer of books or software or filmmaker makes an intellectual product in the US, produces and sells it for a huge profit margin. Can a Viking copy that product in Asia and bring the goods back to America to sell cheaply? Nope. Copyright and intellectual property laws prevent it. Government power is used to protect products of the intellectual class. THEIR product is legally protected, but the factories and work product of the hands of the common man is raided by the Vikings.

Ditto the intellectual product of the Legal Vikings. Bar association rules and guilds enforced by judges prevent copying their product. They loot more and more.

Viking capitalism is ruining the lives of billions of people, all for the gains of the Ruling Classes worldwide. People of the world must throw off their fetters and adopt Fraternal Libertarianism - put regulations and chains on the Vikings; take freedom for themselves. Empty the hog trough and use those resources to help the people and small business directly. Stop the Viking raids on US jobs.

Viking Capitalism vs. Fraternal Libertarianism. That's the fight we want. Bring it on.

Word of the Day

"Contumely" - noun [$10] from Hamlet's Soliloquy, Shakespeare. Also "Contumelious" - adjective. Also "contumacy" and "Contumacious"
Contumely means 1. insolent or reproachful language or treatment; 2. disgrace.
Contumelious means reproachful, insulting or insolent.
Sentence: The Vikings want to be worshipped and adored; give them contumely instead. Social pressure can help. Do it, all the time and everytime.


Bud said...

am i at the wrong site ??

is this View from the Politburo ?? Thoughts from the Central Committee ?? The ?? Workers of the World Unite Blog ???

Bud said...

dollar green today..........great..........economygettin better ??

nope............Ireland on the brink of Portugal..........they flock to the they flock to the least ugly girl

hello.......dr bernanke............stop destroying this country

Bunkerman said...

This is the site of and for and by the Common Man.

Bunkerman said...

Fire away, Ben ! Give it all nine 16" guns again.

Bunkerman said...

sheesh, Bud ... do you go to Davos ?

Why do you defend that scum?

Bud said...

watch this Bman.............hilarious

Bud said...

inflation check :

felt like eating ice cream last night...........went to Publix............haagen-dasz 14oz mint chip......4.99......that used to be 3.99

i guess the common man won't be eating haagen-dasz anytime soon............let it fall my ass

Bunkerman said...

ugh ... I got thru a couple minutes, then pulled the plug.

Bunkerman said...

sheesh, Bud .. the common man does not drink lattes' nor eat Hagqen dazz.

He makes his own Joe & eats Dairy Queen ice cream cones.

Bud said...

Bman why is gold trading at 1370 ?? is that a good sign for our future economic prosperity ??

let it fall my ass

Bunkerman said...

gold is higher because the Central Banks & public are buying more, yet mines are producing less.

This is a trend since about 2002-3.

Bud said...

Bman how do you know what the common man eats ?? oh ordered dairy queen room service at the 800dollar a nite suite at the Prague ritz-carlton........or was it the Rome 4-seasons............whatever

what a phony you are

mfl59 said...

Dr Bernanke was educated at Harvard and then did his graduate work at MIT....sound like anyone we know? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm were you and Ben biffles Bunkerman? Is that why you defend him so vigorously?

Spin-em said...

"that used to be"

....... and gas was a nickel

its OK for bud to make all the loot he can swindle... but god forbid someone else raises prices in the real world to put food on his/her table..only his work is worthy ya know

Bunkerman said...

I never remember meeting Ben. But I was a scientist then, anyway.

Bunkerman said...

I defend him since he does and has been doing what I want since 2008.

Bunkerman said...

if he screws up, I'll pound him.

Bunkerman said...

yup, spin .. finally the farmer and miner are getting paid more, and the ilk of Bud gripe.

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman what did you think of Sarah Palin's show last night?

Bunkerman said...

Didn't watch it.

I don't follow her much. I don't think she reads this blog, either.


mfl59 said...

Bunkerman could Sarah Palin really be the President?

Bunkerman said...

nfw, mfl.

If she's smart, she won't run.

Bud said...

alan blinder in wsj today

But I don't run the Fed. Maybe Chairman Bernanke's ideas are better than mine and, in any case, the planned QE2 is far better than doing nothing. It is not a shot in the dark, not a radical departure from conventional monetary policy, and certainly not a form of currency manipulation.

I know Ben Bernanke. Ben Bernanke is a friend of mine. And critics ranging from Mr. Schauble to Ms. Palin are no Ben Bernankes.

waht a fool .......QE2 is not currency mnipulation .....huh ??? come again ??

Bud said...

Bman should alan blinder be charged as a co-conspirator in dr bernanke's treason trial ??

Bunkerman said...

Ben will get the Medal of Freedom for saving the common man & woman from the Viking beefers.

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman does the financial condition of many municipalities worry you sir? Are they next in line for a federal bailout?

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman if you wrestled Alan Blinder who would win sir?

Bunkerman said...

with R's controlling the House, no bailout. No more phony stimulus $ to pay those padded payrolls, either.

Some will fail, but thsoe are teh ones who splurged and overpaid and overhired.

Not worried.

Much pain coming in that sector: pay, benefits to be cut to private sector levels.

This re-adjustment is years overdue.

Bunkerman said...

moi, of course. I would take him down with brutality and crush him as I pinned him.