Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What it Means

The people want policies to help economic growth and jobs.

The people reject most oddball candidates.

The people reject Obama's agenda and policies.

The people reject mandates on them.

The bicoastal media centers are out of touch with most of the US.

The Ruling Classes are reeling.

Congress will get a huge influx of new ideas and energy.

Old boy networks in Congress are likely dead.

Obama will begin to rule by "executive order" and regulations.

The Fed is the only force likely to do anything to help the US economy.

The people recognized the P-O-R "stimulus" bill was a fraud.

Massachusetts is still a one party state.

California is proven weird again, voting for the disastrous status quo.


Stocks will rally awhile as the dust clears.

The Bush tax cuts will ALL expire - no compromise.

States will not obtain further handouts from DC and will have to deal with their pension and employment cost structures.

The economy will improve slowly; confidence will increase.

Obama will move left, sound increasingly shrill and strident, and slowly become a national joke.

Word of the Day

"Dross" - noun [$10]
Dross means 1. rubbish, refuse; 2.a. the scum separated from metals in melting; 2.b. foreign matter mixed with anything, impurities.
Sentence: The election was a crucible for the Tea Parties. Have they become more pure with clear ideas and disposed of the dross of oddball candidates? Time will tell.


Spin-em said...

Oregon not so old..not so angry..but PA....GET THE F--OUT!!! Billy Ray Valentine..when they were puttin out they Kools on his rug....

mfl59 said...

"Bunkerman in 2012-A Trailblazer for the Common Man"

Bunkerman said...


mfl59 said...

Bunk this guy Sean Bielat who ran against Barney Frank is an interesting guy...

Bunkerman said...

yes, I just looked him up - he is a good man.

Too bad MA voters are dominated by stooges.

Bud said...

Most economists expect the Fed to buy $500 billion to $1 trillion, at a pace of about $250 billion or so a quarter. Some forecast the Fed ultimately will buy $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion worth of Treasurys to spur growth. There’s no legal limit to doing more, but the Fed would face some operational and technical challenges if it were to buy many trillions of dollars in additional securities. Among them: Buying several trillion dollars would be more debt than the U.S. government is actually issuing each year.

from wsj sickening..............a trillion here a trillion there

what a joke you are Bman............cheerleading QE2............1930s redux

Bunkerman said...

Go for it, Ben.

I think $1 trillion is a fine number - stick to the long end, too.

Spin-em said...

very respectful Bud....would you ever say that to jim???..I dont think so

Bud said...

also from wsj today

Printing more money tends to push down the value of the dollar. While that would tend to help U.S. exports, it also risks pushing up the price of oil and other commodities, threatening an inflation surge that could be difficult to stop if the economy picks up. The dollar already has fallen substantially, and the resulting flood of money to emerging markets with higher interest rates and more robust growth is pushing up their currencies more than some of their governments want. That has led some countries to intervene to resist the rise in their currencies, sparking tensions between the U.S. and emerging markets and talk of “a currency war.”

Bman are you familiar with a currency crisis ?? russia in the 80s.........wiemar republic.............QE2 is gonna have catastrophic consequences

'Go for it, Ben.'

you make me puke

Bud said...

inflation check :

i like to drink Muscle milk protein shake...(gives me energy before i workout and keeps me lean)..............14oz bottle cost me 4bux last nite at publix...............last year 3

i guess the common man won't be drinking Muscle-milk anytime soon.............let it fall my ass

Frosty said...

uuuhhh....someone should invest in some "brain milk"

Spin-em said...


Bunkerman said...

bud, one can make muscle drinks very cheaply oneself. I used to do that all the time when lifting weights hard.

skim milk, some ice cream, a banana, some soy powder - blend.

also, try cans of tuna fish - in water - plus some pickle relish; low calorie, lots of protein.

btw, do you like turnips ... very cheap, nutricious .. but ya gotta cook 'em.

Bunkerman said...

Bud, you really need to learn to use your hands and prepare your own food some ... you'll buy the farm fast when armageddon comes.

Make that $1.5 trillion, Ben.


Spin-em said...

oh he uses his hand alright.....

sorry Mrs B

Bunkerman said...

$900 billion .. close enough, Ben

Nice salvo, Battleship Ben.

Frosty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frosty said...

gesh...not gonna be able to afford spam with the perfect fried egg..."dry toast Mrs B...butter off the charts"

Frosty said...

champagne room bunky bucks $.89....always be closin bunky.

mfl59 said...

Bob Pisani seems we have that going for us...

Spin-em said...

golf $17 for 9 at "the club" MFMFMFMF!!!!

Spin-em said...

Top Flite optic yellows $10 for 15..MFMFMFMF!!!

Spin-em said...

Bud how much were your blowup dolls last year???

tip of the Miller Lite cap Mrs B