Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Survived the Beast

Spring has hit the Beast, aka Manhattan, NYC.  Flowers were in bloom everywhere, and even men's fashions were a wee bit better.  Your writer was the best dressed fellow in the Grill Room at the Harvard Club, again, though.  Sartorial excellence of the typical lawyer/banker/investment manager was lacking for the most part.  Most men men wear the same boring solid dark grey suits, a plain white shirt and a simple tie of dull colors.  Worse, they wear a blue shirt with that combination.  Ugh.  Dullsville.

Your writer, of course, wears pinstripes, sports a babe-magnet tie, a colorful pocket square, and an ivory shirt with gold cufflinks.  I collected more compliments from beautiful women.  Guys:  don't be so drab and boring.  Wear some color and gold.  Learn from the birds: the male should try to look better.

Business seems very good, at least from the action at the club lunch rooms and bars.  The Ruling Class is doing rather well now.

Will any crumbs fall to the common man and woman?  So far, the answer is no.  Big business shifts jobs overseas.  The Ruling Class in the Dark City wants to cut benefits for the common man and tax them more.  Will the people rise up ... or at least speak up?  They have the technology now to organize better.  The people need to get more active and press their own needs.


None yet.  More selling looms by Krypto.

Word of the Day

"Plenitude" - noun [$10] literary
Plenitude means 1. fullness, completeness; 2. abundance.
Sentence:  Central Park showed a plentifude of blossoms and color yesterday.


Bud said...

why is silver raging ??....i wonder why??.........oh wait......i got it............QE2

'keep firing Ben'

Bud said...

Bman are skyrocketing crude prices the fault of 'speculators' ??

Bud said...

from wsj editorial today

At an economic town hall this week, President Obama blamed "speculators" for rising oil prices. He should have mentioned the Fed and his own Treasury, which have encouraged the world to invest in hedges against the falling dollar. Chairman Ben Bernanke and Mr. Geithner have deliberately pursued a policy of unprecedented monetary and spending stimulus to reflate the economy and boost asset prices. The bill is coming due in a weak dollar, food and energy inflation, and the decline of U.S. economic credibility.

yup........QE2 is workin alright

Bunkerman said...

silver is raging because it's teh poor man's gold.

The public can buy it physically and is.

Gold is too expensive now for the "common man" at $1,500 an ounce.

And the beefers are piling on.

Bunkerman said...

re crude, I think it's the Mid east fears are causing corporate hedging buys. Much in Europe.

Brent being over WTI is a bit of a clue.