Friday, April 8, 2011

Libertarianism is Fatally Flawed

My posts of October 18, 19, and 20 of 2010 proved that Libertarianism as a doctrine for government and the economy simply is fundamentally flawed both in theory and practice.  Here are the links:

The axiomatic basis of Libertarianism is wrong:  maximal freedom does NOT maximise happiness.

Libertarianism seems "good" on some measures in a static, time static world, but it fails in a dynamic world when changes can occur over time.

Libertarianism leads to a world dominated by Vikings, whether in reality or metaphorically. 

Feudalism arises from Libertarianism:  the rich and powerful enserf the common man and woman.  The Vikings who have looted from the people create a new aristocracy for themselves and their descendants.

Toss unrestrained Libertarianism onto the junk heap of history.  All talk using its principles should be viewed in the same light as Marxist talk:  simply wrong and worthless in any argument.

Word of the Day

"Abnegate" - verb [$10] and "Abnegation" - noun [$10]
Abnegate means 1. to give up or deny oneself (a pleasure, etc.); 2. renounce or reject.
Abnegation means 1. denial; the rejection or renunciation of  a doctrine; 2. = self-denial.
Sentence:  Intellectual honesty mandates the abnegation of Libertarianism by its adherents.  Libertarians!  Bunkerman calls on you to abnegate your doctrine; it's a failure and fundamentally flawed in theory and practice.


Bud said...

gold green.....silver green....oil green.........wheat green...........corn green.......soybeans green...spooz green....yup...QE2 is workin alright..........SPX 2k comin soon

great job dr bernanke.............keep cheering Bman

Bud said...

Intellectual honesty mandates the abnegation of QE2 by the Bman.

Spin-em said...,miners??..what about the waiters?? doesnt this end badly??Im sure we'll get another grandiloquent speech....

Spin-em said...

Bunk..,,why dont you register on Slope of Hope...boy..."Bob" got swatted with the ugly stick there last was like The Duke throwing a bum outta the bar into the muddy street...It couldnt have felt good...

Bunkerman said...

QE2 is working well, Bud.

It's aiding jobs and increasing inflation a bit; avoided deflation and a double dip.

Ben to get his Medal of Freedom soon.

Bunkerman said...

When restaurant bills increase, so do tips for waiters.

What's the problem?


Bunkerman said...

"slope of hope" - never heard of it.

QE2 ends well ... slow growth, inflation moves to 2% core, jobs gain.

Even better if R's don't cave and get bigtime spending cuts.

Bunkerman said...

beefers (lol underperforming Q1) get crushed in their commodity postions as increased production and better weather crushes those bubble prices.

China slower growth cuts metals prices.

Companies talk big, but are hedging. they are sucking in the dumb money.