Friday, October 28, 2011


Yesterday's big move up triggered some action from Krypto.  She nudged me to run the model, and, mirabile dictu, a strong buy signal appeared for the super class of cash+TIPs+fixed income.  Since fixed income and TIPs are grossly overpriced, the move is to cash.

Moderate sell signals exist for US stocks, European stocks, emerging markets and real estate.

Thus, I sent in orders to sell some US stocks (via VTI), emerging market stocks (via VWO), and European stocks and Real estate (via respective Vanguard index funds).

Hmm ... buy low, sell high.  That's what Krypto did over the past few months.  She's far better that the average hedge fund manager.

Good doggie ... here's your fee - a tasty dog biscuit :)

Word of the Day

"Peripeteia" - noun [$10]
Peripeteia means a sudden change of fortune in drama or in life.
Sentence:  Herman Cain's presidential campaign experienced peripeteia in positive public awareness as Rick Perry flamed out and Cain's simple 9-9-9 plan received attention.  But Herman Cain needs to read my pamphlet and adopt my ideas to develop persistently strong poll numbers, otherwise his flame will puff out, too.


Spin-em said...

great job bunk

Bunkerman said...

Krypto deserves all the credit - a superior fund manager

dog beats man :)

Spin-em said...

Does KRYPTO LIKE TZA here??lol

Bunkerman said...

lol, she despises all leveraged phony ETFs in perpetuity.

grr bite chomp eyow!