Friday, October 14, 2011

TGIF and a Word

I read that the rich are putting millions on Obama for the election.  I wonder what they are buying?  I have heard that the legal profession is coughing up millions in "donations".  I guess the pharisees are backing their boss and benefactor.

Word of the Day

"Sonsy" - adjective [$10] also sonsie.  Scottish. Probably from Shakespeare.
Sonsy means 1. plump, buxom; 2. of a cheerful disposition; 3. bringing good fortune.
Sentence:  The sonsy picture of the German lady serving beer on the label of St. Pauli Girl beer brings out good spirits and a smile (at least for guys).


Bud said...

Bman who are liking in the GOP field ?? what do you think of herman cain's 999 tax plan?

Bud said...

dollar rally purchasing power falling again

Bunkerman said...

For now, I like Romney - he showed guts firing Billy Bulger here in MA while governor (Bulger was the leading corrupt poltician, bro. of gangster).

He didn't raise taxes despite having a legislature dominate by D's

Honest, too. Knows business well.

Cian's plan is a start - a bit different from mine (as in the pamphlet).

Spin-em said...

"I did the right thing....they say..go to school....I went to what?...I cant get a job....its not right"

Occupy Wall Streeter

LMAOOO...we are a soft soft nation of paper pushers

Bunkerman said...

choice of major has a big influence on ability to get a job.