Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Meandering

The super-committee failed.  No surprise.  The "leaders" have failed.  It's time to engage the people.

Markets getting crushed overnight, probably a hedge fund knee jerk reaction to the super-committee flunking.  Perhaps they will give Krypto a chance to re-buy what she sold at high prices recently.

Word of the Day

"Reticulate" - verb, transitive [$10] I saw this word in a book that I'm reading; the card was already in my file from high school days.
Reticulate  means 1. to mark, divide, or construct so as to form a network; 2. to distribute by a network (e. g. water or electricity).
Sentence:  The 14th century in western Europe did not have nations of England and Frence, but had "highly plural, contested, and reticulated identities of medieval culture."  The quote from The Familiar Enemy by Ardis Butterfield, Preface, page xxx.

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Bud said...

“I’m not Joe Paterno. Somebody didn’t come and tell me Bernie Fine did something and I’m hiding it. I know nothing. If I saw some reason not to support Bernie, I would not support him. If somebody showed me a reason, proved that reason, I would not support him. But until then, I’ll support him until the day I die.”