Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Whatnot Wednesday

Krypto's model showed a weak buy for European stocks and an "almost" strong buy for gold-silver.  We wait for strong signals in this market.

It's too bad one can't buy some of those European bonds here  - at least in retail quantities.  At 7%, I'd buy Italy.  Ireland is interesting, too.  Lol, yes, those are nations I've recently visited & liked.  But the broker we use for long term municipal bond purchases doesn't have them.  Hmmm I wonder if Vanguard has them?  Will check.

Also, I wonder about the tax treatment.  One tax is OK, but not two.

Word of the Day

"Querulous" - adjective [$10]
Querulous means complaining, peevish.
Sentence:  A querulous customer should be fired unless he/she is quite profitable.


Spin-em said...

here ya go

Bud said...

The Bman was very Querulous during the 2008 Crash.

PS......ummmmmm............i mean RichMan'sPanic 2008.

Spin-em said...

from what I remember...Bud was Queerulous in the tank..lool

Bunkerman said...

2008 ... ugh ... thanks for the memories.

I don't think querulous is strong enough for that year.