Friday, August 21, 2009

Going into the Wilderness

I'll be on a canoe trip in the wilderness of Canada next week, so there will be no new posts until Monday, August 31. The weather forecasts look OK so far [mostly 70F days & 55F nights with some sun; one day of rain]. I've have just my tomahawk and a big knife to protection, as taking firearms to Canada is a no-no. This trip will be in a Canadian National Park; even the US prohibits firearms in those special places. The location does not have grizzly bears, and we will be camping on islands. Bears can swim, but at least we won't be an easy target.


The markets still have a bid, especially in Europe. How long this can last without more good news is a question. Reports of mutual fund inflows are a good sign. Still, more good news will be crucial to the survival of this bull market.

I'm doing nothing - on a dip to 950 [S&P], I'll re-buy some stocks. On a major rally to 1100 or even my 1200 target, I'll flip more positions in Fido Fund [60% long] and take gains from equities in Krypto Fund to buy TIPs or whatever is needed for its allocations.

Word of the Day

"Eclectic" - adjective and noun [$10]; from the card file
Eclectic means (adjective) 1. selecting what appears to be the best in various doctrines, methods, or styles; 2. composed of elements from various sources; (noun) one who uses an eclectic method of approach.
Sentence: Bunkerman has an eclectic food supply for the canoe trip: pioneer-style pemmican; Civil War hardtack, modern GI MREs, and fine French cognac. A true wilderness epicurean !

Le Mot du Jour

"Portage" - noun, masculine; and "Portager" - verb, regular -er like manger.
Portage means portage - a place where a water traveler must carry the canoe/boat overland a short distance to the next river/lake.
Portager means to portage.
La Phrase: L'homme du bunker espère que le prémiere portage n'est pas trop difficile.
Sentence: Bunkerman hopes that the first portage is not too difficult.


Bud said...

Bman have you been practicing your tomahawk skills ??? where ? what drill ?

Bud said...

it sure sounds like Ben is a 'dead man walking'........the fact that the white house won't say a word is telling

janet yellen new Fed head ??

Bunkerman said...

No, I'm not planning to throw it.

Bunkerman said...

It's a replica tomahawk from one from the French & Indian war era in Virginia.

Maybe like one my 5th great grandfather carried - light, fast, sharp with a hammer on the rear.

Bud said...

alright Bman..........have a great time

remember......use the tomahawk first..........ask questions later

i'll see you on the 'other side'

Bud said...

hey frosty..............just say the word man....and i'll

'call off the dogs'

no?....nuthin?? ok

pierdol sie bob !!!!!

PS.....still wanna be friends ???

Spin-em said...

great times at mountain training camps deserve a great beer..Let it be PakiBrau'

Spin-em said...

Explosive taste without the that blownup feel......Let it be PakiBrau

Spin-em said...

gotta hot date after 'work' with the 99 virgins???...Let it be PakiBrau..

Bunkerman said...

all packed. 60 lbs gear + my 1/2 of the canoe. Carrying the pack seemed doable - I walked a while with it on. The canoe will be another matter.

Bunkerman said...

All: enjoy the weekend and next week.

Spin-em said...

Heres to good friends, tonight is kinda special,
the beer will pour, must say something more,
so tonight, tonight
let it be PakiBrau.....a division of Hook Brewing Co

Spin-em said...

(blind piano player from RoadHouse says )

The name is Hideki Matsui

Spin-em said...

Philly fans such scumbags


they WILL rip the team apart