Monday, August 3, 2009

A Bid

Ms. Market is getting a lot of bidders every morning. I start watching the financing news on Blabberg around 4AM ET. For a couple weeks, the green in the European market prices and US futures early in the morning has been striking. Money flow is definitely there.

Copper prices are strong again early today.

I guess the GS fig lief is gone at last. FT: "Goldman Sachs reputation among both the general public and financially sophisticated Americans has been damaged by the events of the past year, according to research conducted for the Financial Times." They are finally seen as the greedy passel of hogs they've always been. How can a firm that makes almost all its profits raping its own clients in trades be anything but a piranha ?

Of course, all Wall Street "trading profits" are just that.


I read the Democrats' health care "plan" has 1,000 pages. Anything that big has to be a disaster waiting to happen. And it must be laden with payoffs and favors for their supporters. What a bad joke !


HBC reported a surprise profit this morning. A loss was expected, but this major bank with probably the most exposure to the emerging market came through.


I've started re-learning Latin. I like it - and it seems rather easy. That's probably due to all the work I've done with French ... and Italian and Spanish and the three years of Latin I had in high school. I also think the Latin helps me on the French, Italian and Spanish as it connects them and makes them seem more logical. The first problem I have is that my unabridged Latin dictionary just has Latin to English, not the reverse. I'll have to find one that has both.

Word of the Day

"Pecuniary" - adjective [$10]; and "Pecunious" - adjective [$10] from the Latin, pecunia, a feminine noun meaning "money".
Pecuniary means 1. of, concerning or consisting of money (pecuniary aid, pecuniary considerations); 2. (of an offense) entailing a money penalty.
Pecunious means abounding in money, wealth, rich.
Sentence: Pecunious powerful people dominate American - and world - governments.

Verbum Diei [that's 'word of the day' in Latin].

"Regere" - verb, second conjugation.
Regere means to rule.
Sentencia: Pecunia reget.
Sentence: Money rules.


Bunkerman said...

I plan to sell HBC in Fido Fund this morning. Mrs. B has that in her Sky Fund, to I don't want too much of that name.

hmmm average cost is 30.82.

guess that worked out OK, dspite the raspberries I got.

Sometimes two in the dirt gets a gold star if one can hold on.

But not always ...

Bud said...

here we go again.........with the pirhana nonsense

very simple.........without GS....this market goes nowhere...........Bman your fortunes are directly tied to the 'prihana'

if GS goes to 200.......the lassie fund has a huge year...........if Gs goes to 50.......lassie gets decapitated..........don't think so ?? check your trading sheets from last fall

Bud said...

latin is an excellent idea............i need to brush up there

how do you say 'what a bunch of thumping tosh' in latin ? cuz that is what today's blog shud have been titled

Bud said...

Bman are the USO and UNG an asset class ??

what a disgrace today ........officials from both are being interrogated............uhhhh.......are testifying before a cftc commission on 'curbing speculation'

so lemme get this right............if the common man wants to own crude oil...........he stores the barrells the living room????

what a bunch of thumping tosh

Bunkerman said...

no re USO & UNG - they own no assets - just derivatives in the form of futures. Those are not assets - for every long is a short, so the "net asset" is zero.

GLD adn SLV are asset classes - they own physical gold.

Bunkerman said...

to own oil, one can buy the stock in an oil company that has proven reserves.

Or if they want to offer a ETF, make it buy real oil and store it in Cushing.

Ditto natural gas.

Bunkerman said...

to buy copper, buy FCX, etc.

Bunkerman said...

otherwise, those ETFs are mislabeled frauds.

Bunkerman said...

any common man buying any of those derivative ETFs is being systematiaccly robbed by the Street.

Bunkerman said...

before saying my views on GS are "tosh", you might consider when I was an investment banker are major firms, I saw firsthand how the traders rape the clients.

There is no way a "broker" can also be a "principal trader" without violating the client relationship.

If there is, please explain.

Even in such areas as real estate brokers, acting as a principal and broker is illegal.

Bunkerman said...

So GS as a firm is sleazier than the sleaziest real estate broker.

Bunkerman said...

solfd HBC, got a bit over 54.

Hmm ... 54 - 30.82 = about 23 points.

75% gain.

not bad for six months, two in the dirt.


Bunkerman said...

sold the extra FCX - a trade.

got a bit over 64.

close enough to getting back the 10 points my Obama dump mistake cost me.

Fido still owns that name ... waiting for $99 there.

Bunkerman said...

ISM Manufacturing 48.9 vs 46.5 consensus, prior 44.8

needs to be 50 for growth.

next month ?

Bunkerman said...

sorry for the crowing ... I am really just honestly reporting what I do. Uh ... and teasing a bit ;)

I was so wrong last year, that no one should just do what I do without thinking for themselves.

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman the beefer!!!

The bull market has just begun!!!

Why are you selling????

Bunkerman said...

June Construction Spending +0.3% vs -0.5% consensus

Hmmm .. up is up.

Bunkerman said...

all my selling to day was partial positions. I sell a bit when a postions gets too big.

Money management.

"Buy dips, sell rips"


{yes, I screw up sometimes]

Bud said...

Bman ........what are you talkin about ?? apologies ???

i love it......the ping-pong action.....keep it up.....congrats on the good trades.........i love to hear stories of traders makin bux.....

i ain't like that scumbag lowlife dirtbag frosty...........who reminded you every day of some trades that were wrong......but that's his modus operandi..........he's a jealous bitter f'k

PS....still wanna be friends ???

Bud said...


nailed it !! high five !!

couple points since thursday afternoon

DANKE VIELMALS JIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40 points my ass

Frosty said...

"listen up u fing prick"...heading east bound this better hope I stop short, before I reach florida indeed...this isn't jr high shcool.

Bud said...


nailed it

danke vilemals jim !!!!!!!!!!!

mfl59 said...

buying HURN at 20....after hours...

danke vielmals jim!!!

Bud you better start working on your short game instead of working on jim's johnson....

Feb 2010 around the corner

Frosty said...

Bunky your hero kenny lewis needs a change of boxers today as your heros at the SEC come must be in a great state of conflict...time to mush on out and make some snacks.

Bunkerman said...

conflict ?

Lewis is a fool and cad.

SEC is corrupt. They go after him to get a scalp, while letting all the beefer manipulators get off.

"A pox on both their houses"

If BAC got rid of Ken the Cad, the stock would probably jump 5 pts.

Bud said...

'beefer manipulators'

huh ??? oh i mean how they 'manipulated' themselves out of business last year

Bud said...

'two in the dirt'

what does that mean ?? i need a Bman translator...........ace........can you help me ?? or you busy ordering a texeira jersey online........f'ng deserter.....traitor

Frosty said...

BAC settles with BAC...gesh bunky you must be feeling great shame...scalp my aaazzzz...bob the barber is not pleased, MFL59 skipping the trim and shave...I think so.

Frosty said...

BAC settles SEC

Bunkerman said...

"two in the dirt" is frosty's way of saying the I make a buy, the stock goes down, I buy now.

Two buys, lower price.

Six in the dirt is six buys, each lower price.

But the past few times, they rose to the stars.

Bunkerman said...

Sallie Krawcheck to take job at BAC

gosh, she did a great job at C

Kenny scrambling ... out of the pocket ... will they catch him.

Bunkerman said...

that $33MM BAC settlement is just a scalp for the SEC to crow about & divert attention from their corruption.

Bud said...

Bman............the SEC is not corrupt

it's inept........and incompetent..........huge difference

Bud said...


nailed it !! high five !!

257 to 3 bux hour

danke vielmals jim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40 points my ass

Frosty said...

"I don't have much inventory left to take profits on."...thx jim...dumping your book while punching skim tickets very exhausting...nap time indeed.

Bunkerman said...

SEC is corrupt ... the entire staff is in the pocket of Wall Street, the big law firms and beefers.

Probably most commissioners, too.

Spin-em said...

w thee f??? after hiding for weeks ...flazzhead douchebag yellow bellied jims sap sucker finds out im on a lil r@r and he shows up all big daddy warbucks

1 pickup ur shit....

2 get the F### out

3 crawl back under jims balls from whence you came ....

4 go F#### urself you beantown luvin homo!!

All that Aroid shit.... manny fat papi...not a fn word???



Frosty said...

Bunky...feels like the tape is getting away from you...word down at drucker's general store...we go much higher.

Bunkerman said...

I agree on going higher.

uh ... did I not predict S&P 1200 by year end ?

I'm plenty long (except Obama) and like to not be unduly levergaged in risky stocks as the market moves over prior intermedaite highs.

100% is enough.

I'll wait and buy what's cheap on dips and flip some big movers into rips

Bunkerman said...

why should I stick my balls on the block all the time ? Eventually one gets hammered.

I'll just stay cozy riding that bull elephant to the next waterhole in comfort.

Bud said...


nailed it !!! high five !!!

260 to 360 in ....umm....couple hours

danke vielmals jim !!!!!!!

'stocks like NVAX disgust me'

Bud said...

atta boy Bman !!!

get in there and play some ping pong......create that liquidity

'long term long only investing'