Friday, March 18, 2011

Obey the Machine

Investment Rule #7

Don't try to be a hero. Don't be a swashbuckler. Don't be a nervous Nelly. Don't listen to the bloviators on the financial press. Don't listen to the pundits.

Don't worry ... be Happy ... Obey the Machine.

Just follow the investment rules and be happy.

Keep your emotions under control.

If you try to "add value" to the Machine's prescription, it's rather likely you will subtract value. You'll be buying what's in favor when you should be taking profits; you'll be bailing out in panic when you should be buying cheap assets; or you'll simply be randomly adding risk with "coin toss" moves with no net returns.

Don't do it. Just Obey the Machine.

And read this blog.


The jobs number was good, some economic numbers were good. Stocks rallied worldwide. Hmm that morning I received an email from a pundit saying the correction had begun. Huh?

The Machine aka Krypto has no new actions.

Word of the Day

"Suspire" - verb [$100] a T. S. Eliot word
Suspire means (intransitive) 1. to sigh; 2. to breathe; (transitive) 3. to sigh, to utter with long, sighing breathes.
Sentence: Seeing a well-paid pundit write that the correction has begun after the markets are down about 5%, Bunkerman can only suspire with disgust, "what utter bilge".


Spin-em said...'ve been given a 300 point gift in the last 2 days to take some off the table

Bunkerman said...

Krypto is not barking ...