Monday, March 28, 2011

Times are Changing ...

All things must come to an end.

I began writing this blog in early 2007 and have written well over 1,000 posts aggregating over 500,000 words. Some predictions were blunders, some were brilliant. Krypto Fund survived and prospered in the toughest markets since the 1930s.

Bunkerman bashed billionaires, beefers, Bush, Barry and bloviating pundits and politicians. He championed the common man and woman trying to have happy lives.

Free Fraternalism was developed here as a coherent political philosophy.

I simply have little motivation to write daily now. The Well of Inspiration is dry. I plan to publish my "best" writings and ideas in other forums and with other methods (including printed pamphlets). Also, I will re-format this blog to make older, "good" posts more accessible with sidebar links.

And I want to have more time to help the not-for-profit corporation that a couple high school friends and I formed last year. The mission of that effort is to help small towns and cities across America survive and prosper in the 21st century. The principal tool: the human mind. We endeavor to educate people in those communities how to re-orient their economies and assets towards industries and uses that can prosper in the nation and world as it exists now. We've made some progress already in my hometown, causing long moribund efforts to be re-started, among other successes. Once we receive IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) entity, we will begin to raise $ to expand and do more. That process, unfortunately, takes many months. For all the governmental blather about wanting people to volunteer and do more, "they" put many roadblocks in the path of progress. No surprise, I suppose, that "they" want their toll.

I expect to write weekly or so, as events occurs and as I have new inspiration or "good" ideas to propound. I'll write of moves by Krypto Fund as they occur. I'll also continue the Word of the Day as an important intellectual effort. With all the reading I've been doing, my card file overflows.

Thanks for reading.

Word of the Day
"Jejune" - adjective [$10]
Jejune means 1. lacking nutritive value; 2. lacking interest or significance; 3. lacking maturity: puerile.
Sentence: Without motivation and inspiration, daily posts would certainly be mostly jejune, or worse, blather. Bunkerman will write less frequently now, perhaps roughly weekly.


Bud said...

good job Bman

what was the point in bashing billionaires ?? bash they cuz they are rich ..........huh???

Bunkerman said...

because almost all of them are trying to enserf the common man.

maverick said...

well done Bman

Spin-em said...


"always a pleasure" bunk... best of luck to you,Mrs B,and the pups for health and happiness....

Frosty said...
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Spin-em said...
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