Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today's Word of the Day was used in George Eliot's masterwork, Middlemarch, which I am listening to via audiobooks in my iPad.

Word of the Day

"Droll" - adjective and noun [$10]
Droll means (adjective) 1. quaintly amusing; 2. strange, odd, surprising; (noun archaic) 1. a jester, an entertainer; 2. a quaintly amusing person.
Sentence: My dog, Lucky Star, put on a droll performance once as a puppy: she stuck her head into a sheepskin boot and proceeded to walk around the house with a boot on her head. The other dogs were surely thinking, "How droll!"

PS: 'drôle' is a very common word in French, meaning funny, comical, amusing.


Bud said...

The Bman bashing billionaires is such a droll.

please see definition 2

Big_Al said...

My name is Big Al. Those who follow the Bunkerman may be familiar with me. I have been honored to have been mentioned in his blog. Some of you have made jackleg gibes at me from time to time. I hold no malice. I was stunned by the peripeteia announcement, but applaud Bunkerman’s lèse-majesté barbs tossed at the Washington bunch. I have known Bunkerman for 50 years and his foibles are few. Regardless, I will miss the view from the bunker, but as Mr. Spock (first name unpronounceable) once said, “It is illogical for things to remain constant.”

Spin-em said...

...now you show up??....NOW???



Big_Al said...

Spin-em, my timing was admittedly poor but certainly overdue. Your comments have been more civil than some. Of course, as all humans, we have a dark side. Never under-estimate its power. Smile emoticon.

Bunkerman said...

Hmmm Big Al has added a word to the card file (peripeteia).