Monday, May 9, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I've returned to the USA from a few days in Dublin, Ireland ... bringing home a bottle of a Jameson's finest Irish Whiskey, viz., a blend of its rarest and finest whiskies purchased in the duty-free shop in Dublin Airport.  Dublin is a fine city to visit, very walkable with plenty of history and art.  A taxi was required just once for the trip to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour showing how that fine product is made ... and a fresh pint of draught in the circular, glass-windowed bar on top of the factory.  The Jameson Distillery exhibit was also worth the trip - very informative ... and tasty.

I'll write more about Dublin, the history of Ireland and its meaning for Americans later this week.


Ms. Market took a break from dancing on the tables and is resting awhile in a chair.  Silver and gold also dropped significantly.  Hmmm ... both events occurred just after Krypto sold lots of silver and lots of stocks.  Perhaps certain doubters should re-assess their opinions of Krypto as an asset allocation whiz?



Word of the Day

"Rubicund" - adjective [$10] from David Copperfield
Rubicund means (of a face, complexion, or person in those respects) ruddy, high-colored.  Used describing a man's red-colored face.
Sentence:  The pale Irish complexion can become quite rubicund when a bit of stress occurs.


Spin-em said...

"fwiw"..Im glad you had a great time and back safe and sound in the bunker....SPIN CARES,,,,,WE ARE THE WORLD.....

Bunkerman said...


I got some ideas for a few blogs in reading about the history of Ireland.