Friday, May 20, 2011

Facebook Folly

In my very humble opinion, Facebook is a bit of a fad.  I am on it, but don't use it much.  Finding old friends from high school seems to me its principal value, and keeping in touch with friends in other parts of the nation/world is a useful secondary value.

Facebook could be quite useful in organizing movements, whether political or societal.  I doubt its commercial benefits, though. Most people value privacy, and Facebook wants to feed on every digital connection of a person has to sell its ads.  Yuck.

Re LinkedIn, I have no opinion as I am not a user.

Word of the Day

"Gratulation" - noun [$100] a T. S. Eliot word.
"Gratulate" - verb '$100] archaic.
Gratulation means 1. a feeling of joy; 2. the expression of joy.
Gratulate means 1. to hail with joy, express joy at; 2. to congratulate; 3. to express joy.
Sentence:  [T. S. Eliot in "What is a Classic?"] "That is not in itself any more a matter of regret that it is for gratulation."


Spin-em said...

$100??? waaaay..easily found...sorry TS...$5..$5 used to be worth $10

Bunkerman said...

lol, it was not in my excellent Concise Oxford Dictionary.

But I see "gratulate" is in the old Webster's II by my PC.

Spin-em said...

...get to work Bunkerman...make us some $$$ Big Al is mute...he will not repeat another Swans song ...the spreadsheet....the

Bud said...

Bman have you seen the movie the Social Network ? i liked it

Spin-em said...

Blackhawk team takeout Bunk Osama style??