Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I've returned from the Dark City in the Swamp (aka Washington, DC), where I was attending a fancy tour event related to the Civil War.  The tour was connected to Ken Burns, who made that marvelous and artistic Civil War series.  We saw some of the usual suspects, but also some sites that are a bit hard to see and hard to understand fully without a good guide.  The Frederick Douglass house in the outer zone of the city was particularly good as it is fully preserved.

Next week: my impressions of the Dark City.


Ms. Market is being a bit flighty and flirtatious, leading us on and then slapping our faces when we get too bold.  Running the numbers for Krypto this morning, I see that for all the turmoil, the spreadsheet has changed very little from last Friday.  My guess is that I missed a weak buy signal in European and Emerging Markets stocks midweek.  Sighhhhh.  Time marches on, though.  For now, Krypto is snoozing on a fine sheepskin on the couch.


Mrs. B wanted me to stop posting the fact that I am away for security reasons:  I obeyed, hence the absence of any activity here all week.  When there is no post with at least a Word of the Day, you should assume that either the Google blog site is a mess or I am traveling.  I rarely travel for more than one week.

Word of the Day

"Veristic" - adjective [$10] from "Verism" - noun [$10]
Verism means a realism in literature or art.
Veristic means related to or having a quality of verism.
Sentence:  By using photographs of actual people and places, and letters they wrote at the time of the events, Ken Burns produced a highly veristic film about the Civil War not possible with other methods.

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Bunkerman said...

Head of SEC, Mary Shapiro, meets Lloyd Blankfein, head of Goldman, Sachs ten times over a two year period.

Uh ... and is there any question that the SEC is in Wall Street's pocket ?