Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Ramblings

A debt limit deal is announced.

As usual, it's a fake.  Why bother?  Congress wanted headlines for awhile to obfuscate their colossal failings to help the plain people.

The government is "cutting spending", but are the benefits of government workers being cut?  No.

Is the pay of the so-called "executive" class of government bureaucrats being cut? Nope.

Is the pay and benefits of Congress being cut?  Nope.

The bloviators in the Dark City love to talk about "shared sacrifice" and "accountability" yet the one class who never sacrifices and never has accountability is the "leadership" class in the Dark City.

They continue to put their snouts in the trough and slurp down everything.

I read a little article yesterday in a WSJ from last week.  Federal spending was about 25% of GDP this year, and Federal revenues was about 15%.

Uh ... from memory, long term Federal spending the "spending hawks" cite is about 20%.

Does that not tell every rational person something?

We need a 20% spending cut and a 33% increase in tax collections.  The current tax code can't do it, and without cutting Federal pay and benefit levels, affordable spending can't provide the services people expect. 

The cost of government must be reduced.  Perhaps it's time to set priorities.

By the way, Social Security is about a breakeven:  it collects about what it pays out, even with the widespread disability scams.

Word of the Day

"Congener" - noun [$10]
Congener means 1. a person or thing of the same kind or category as another, esp. animals or plants of a specified genus (the raspberry and the blackberry are congeners); 2. (esp. US) a by-product giving a distinctive character to a wine or spirit.
Sentence:  The lastest "deal" to raise the debt limit is a congener to every other one from the past four decades:  it's a fake.


Frosty said...


Bud said...

Q1 gdp = 0.4%...Q2 gdp = 1.3%..........yup QE2 sure worked.........

'keep firing Ben'

Bunkerman said...

no, QE2 did all that can be done with monetary policy.

The lenders need to open the spigot, and that requires a change in FNMA, Freddie and OTC policies on loans.

Spin-em said...

Mern(if alive) tappin his arm must be on a dirty feet super high with...PhilliesEagles loading up like the Globetrotters and now that Hasselhoff signed with Titans...G-Men tighening up axing players... paying players in pemmican will be NEW laughing stock of NFL


GO SOX!!!!

Spin-em said...



Bunkerman said...

Oh, Bud was and is completely wrong.

it doesn't matter if rates are zero, if the bank won't qualify one for the loan.

Ben did the right thing and was right ... but the rest of the Dark City & Corporrte titans are screwing the common man.

Spin-em said...

lool ...handshake Bunk

Spin-em said...

"Thank a teacher"

for 180 days of work.. every MF holiday off and churnin out sludge


Bunkerman said...

don't forget in many states they pay no Soc. Sec.

Also, their pensions can be more than their salaries.

Bud said...

i purchased a seedless watermelon last night on sale at Giant grocery..........for 6 bucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........yup QE2 worked alright

'tired of answering the same questions'

Bunkerman said...

geez ... Bud ... are you so lazy you won't even pick the seeds out yourself?

prepare your own food ... use that opposable thumb that nature gave you.

Bunkerman said...

btw, that was a joke :)

Spin-em said...

loool Bunk....Molatova on....turn the page