Monday, August 22, 2011

A Portage Too Far

I ache.  I still feel tired.

The wilderness canoe and camping trip was exhausting, as an ambitious plan seems to have angered the wind gods to push back a bit, and make the 'plan" far too much.  As Odysseus was blown off course for years, having angered Poseidon (ruler of the sea and waters) and Aeolus (ruler of the winds), so were the Epicurean campers delayed and buffeted, first by Eurus (East wind god), then by Boreas, (North wind god) and at the end by Zephyrus (West wind god).  Only Notus (South wind god) was not angry.

Poseidon was particularly angry, as he caused the fish to refuse to bite and even freed fish that were caught by Les Grands PĂȘcheurs (the great fishermen).  Our only fish dinner was from the generosity (and overabundant catch) of another fisherman.

The furthest portage - aka Le Grand Portage - was about two miles long.  Sure, over flat ground carrying a 60 lb. pack would be relatively easy.  But imagine doing that after a three hour paddle in your canoe, then having the first 200 yards straight up a rocky path, followed by a thousand yards of rocky twisting trail up and down.  Then you have to return and do it again.  Add it up:  almost six miles, four with a 60 lb. pack and almost three over very rugged paths.

You think:  but the far wilderness you reached must have been wonderful.  Uh ... nope - it was just another lake and the best two camp sites were taken.  The fish were reluctant to bite.  The only good thing about the area was that we could see an osprey nest on the island where we camped with a fledgling on top of a high, dead tree.  The osprey would swoop over the lake, catch a fish & return to feed its young.  That was cool.

Too much work, too little fun.  A very poor work/fun ratio.

On the bright side are two items.

First, I survived.  The other Epicurean campers did not have to hold a Viking funeral for me, pushing a burning canoe (charged to my credit card) into the lake in a blaze of glory.

Second, I learned a marvelous recipe from Grand Jean.  He was surely the first class Epicurean camper, making several fine omelettes [with real eggs!!!] for breakfast or lunch and sipping Irish whisky in the evening.  The recipe he showed me was so special that I'll save it for tomorrow.  He made it for Big Al and himself as they were experimenting with various camping techniques jointly in preparation for a trip to northern Minnesota.


None.  The model has a weak sell signal for real estate stocks, caused likely by the stability of the TIAA real estate fund.  I will wait.

Word of the Day

"Nadir" - noun [$10]
Nadir means the lowest point.
Sentence:  The psychological nadir of Le Grand Portage was not the physical hardship of the 200 yard climb with a 60 lb pack, but was the crowd of people at the portage at the very end:  half a dozen canoes and over a dozen people in a small landing point made it seem like Grand Central Station in the wilderness.  Ugh !


Bud said...

welcome back Bman...............any Deliverance type experiences on this canoe trip ???

Bud said...

apparently Governor Rick Perry from Texas reads this blog............ he accused dr bernanke of 'treason' if he prints more money ala QE3

vindicated again

Bud said... blog asked me for my phone number for 'security' reasons............what a load of bs

Spin-em said...

fwd to 4:30.....all ex shark tank members taking

Spin-em said...

Osprey Ridge Golf Course....Orlando...$80...Osprey nests...5 hour wilderness pemmican..but a good NY strip steak and cold beer after 18 holes....think about

Spin-em said...

24/7 with the same mfs in the woods is waaaay too much....lool...ya play golf for 5 hours ...have a nice meal and beers....and see you aholes in the morning at the next course...and do it all over that my friend is vacation.....loool

Bunkerman said...

lol, nope re Deliverance

Bunkerman said...

Rick Perry ... another Texas dope ;)

"Son of W" ??

Bunkerman said...

Google business model: spy on you to sell ads.

Sleaze central

Bunkerman said...

lolol spin .. sounds good. Maybe I should take up golf.

Spin-em said...

down the road...if there werent too many gfy''ll all laugh ur asses

"Rick Perry ... another Texas dope ;)

"Son of W" ??"

ROFLMAOOOOOO...he is a clone of W.....givin Obama hell for 10 days at Martha' W used to take August off..."at the ranch".....the

Spin-em said...

...if there werent too many gfy's.

I say that cuz the credit card zinger was like an Oden(Viking god of war) shot across the bow.....loooool

Bunkerman said...

no, it was just a humnorous comment on how it could have been done.

I don't remember any gfy's

a couple of raised voices.

Spin-em said...

lol...well that honest...(because I guarantee at one point or another..everybody thought it)in terms of hours...when did you say to youself..this is mf bs...I wish I was home or how do I get the f outta here?...loooool

Spin-em said...

....and who cracked first?...was it John...please dont tell me it was

Bunkerman said...

the wind on day 1 made me wonder wtf am I doing lol.

Bunkerman said...

I think Joe & I had a like mind early on.

the others were less affected by the wind.

I think even the most dedicated (JOhn & Al) were "disturbed" by the crowd at Le Grand Portage on the return.

And then the loss of the caught fish ...

Bud said...

BMAN are u looking to buy any BAC here ?? seems cheap compared to book vakue

Spin-em said...

more of the same tired questions...

no interest....if ur management sucks at 10...they still suck at spitballing Bmans answer of

Bunkerman said...

re BAC, nfw.