Friday, August 6, 2010

Got a New IPad

I just bought it yesterday and I like it a lot so far. Apple sure does a good job in both selling a quality product and helping one get good use out of it. I bought the fancy model with max storage, WiFi and 3G to the max. It's unlikely I'll ever use all the capabilities, but the extra costs were small so why limit myself ?

A guy at the Apple store helped me set it up - I even downloaded my first "app" there - ever. I chose a good Polish-English dictionary from Collins. It downloaded fast. This morning I downloaded six more language dictionaries: German, Latin, Italian, French, Greek and Spanish. I now have a small, good electronic dictionary for all those languages and don't have to carry the books around from room to room, or while traveling. Cool. Just like I saw on a science fiction show about 15 years ago. Amazing !

I think some dictionaries also have speaking examples - I'll have to check those out next. And I think my iPhone can use them, too. Ultra-cool.

Two Problems: for some reason, the wireless connection to my router is very slow. Odd. I saw some complaints of that online. I switched to the 3G connection and all went fast.

Second: American Express. These darned credit card companies really try to put "fraud detection" onto us. After a few purchases at Apple, Amex put a hold on my card, so I had to call them clear it up. You can be sure I expressed by dissatisfaction forcefully. Whether that gets passed on to the masters, who knows. It has worked on some cards.

Oh well, so far this device is doing just what I wanted and I'm very satisfied.

Word of the Day

"Estaminet" - noun [$10] from French
Estaminet means a small French cafe, etc. selling alcoholic drinks.
Sentence: Imagine Bman, sitting in an estaminet in Paris with his iPad, reading le Figaro and sipping some cognac. Ahhh ...


Bunkerman said...

another poor jobs numbers.

Thank you P-O-R team

aka Pelosi-Obama-Reid.

You and your corrupt "stimulus" bill is causing the pain now.

That "stimulus" as a placebo, not real medicine.

mfl59 said...

ummmmm.....that stimulus saved 40 million jobs sir

Bunkerman said...

lol, I don't drink Obama's Kool-Aid

seems like his econ. advisors are bailing the sinking ship.

Ms. Happy Romer the latest.

Bud said...

Well done Bman..............I love my the same one you did...............829bux

I downloaded a bunch of apps...............go to the app store...........explore..........lots of cool ones

Writing this post via my ipad

Bud said...

Where is the ponce ?????? Oh......prolly out celebrating by court victory in california..................congrats frosty...........big win for fudgepakers

mfl59 said...

Bunkerman if you were Obama/Ben what would you do to stimulate job growth?

Bunkerman said...

ST: A new REAL stimulus plan for about $500B (fund with LT bonds), kill the Obama Care jobs killer, kill the EPA carbon dioxide regulation risks, extend cap gains & dividend tax rates.

LT: Create the Bman national helath care BENEFIT amd propose to replace all taxes on jobs (SS, Medicare, etc.) with broad based value added tax that will include all imports, fund all deficits with LT bonds (10 years or more)

There's a lot more that cold be done, but that's enough for now.

Bunkerman said...

I need to learn how to use the iPad a lot more - it's super cool and useful.

I wonder if I could write blogs on it ?

Bunkerman said...

btw, to spend money fast on good projects, you need to Override EPA laws that require environmental impact statements.

Bunkerman said...

taxes on jobs in US are about 20%; all paid by US goods & services. Imports bear no tax burden.