Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday


I love my iPad. This device is the best invention for reading and learning languages since the printing press. As a netbook, the iPad gets you away from the PC and the office chair. The iPad is so portable, yet is very easy to use for typing messages, checking email, and looking at web sites. The iPod function plays music or book CDs or foreign language dialogues. Except for more intensive business work and writing this blog, I almost don't need a PC any more.

The iPad can sit right next to you on a side table or footstool as you read. Then when you come to a $10 word, you can find its meaning with a few taps of the finger with the Dictionary.com app so fast the thought in the book stays in your mind and the word fits right into it. That makes learning and remembering multiples more effective and efficient.

The same applies to foreign language work. Gone is the drudgery and distraction of looking up new vocabulary in the paper dictionary. One can do verb exercises in German or Italian and get the new words almost instantly. This increases your speed many multiples. And by getting the meanings right away, again the distraction and loss of the double E's (effectiveness and efficiency) dissipates: the thoughts can stay in your mind, making you learn faster.

The iPad is almost like a brain implanted dictionary for many languages; it's a 23rd century sci fi dictionary ! If you like to read sophisticated books or learn languages, get an iPad.

Hogs Squealing

The CEO hogs have raised their snouts from the trough long enough to squeal at the new disclosure law for their pay. The recent financial reform law requires corporations to disclose the ratio of CEO pay to the pay of the average employee. According to today's FT, they are screeching that it's a logistical nightmare ? Really ?

Take CEO pay as numerator (N). For denominator, take ratio (D) of payroll to # of employees. Compute N/D. Gosh, that's hard, isn't it ! [Btw, if needed, normalize # of employees by hours worked to a standard 40 hour week.]

What a bunch of liars ! They are using sophistry to try to get out of this. They know the numbers are going to be ugly. Bring it on, I say ! Most CEOs are grossly overpaid hogs at the corporate trough.

Not All Good Ideas are Invented in the USA

It's a simple fact - undeniable - that the unemployment rate in Germany is much less than in the US. German unemployment is about 7.5% and US unemployment is about 9.5%. This is a FACT despite German unions, German national health benefits and the huge number of US part time workers. Thus all the usual canards touted by the Libertarian boomers are wrong by counterexample.

We need to examine the labor, education and health care systems in Germany to see if we can learn from them. Only a fool or a knave would not look hard at this situation as a social experiment in progress. We must learn. IF the USA is to be truly the flexible place we want it to be, let's see what we can learn from the Germans. Think and look outside the box - that's not just a slogan. Do it.


Krypto is waiting for lower prices to buy stocks. Soon ...

Word of the Day

"Desuetude" - noun [$10]
Desuetude means discontinuance from use or exercise.
Sentence: Let's not let the collective public mind continue to wither from desuetude. Engage in the Great Debate with logical vigor !


Frosty said...

another day another permanazi post...indeed, we should patter our lifes after col klink and sgt schultz...HOGANNNNNNNNNN...you think that up goosesteppin around the sword room while enjoying the perfect fried egg and spam breakfast sammmyyyyy.

Frosty said...

ps...steve jobs says thanks to you and your lil paki pal for top ticking AAPL with your iPad purchases...iPad ppffttt...sounds like a feminine hygiene product.

Bunkerman said...

Hmmm I was working on my German yesterday, too.

Bunkerman said...

I was going to write about rum again - but after seeing the headlines, switched.

soon more on rum.

Bud said...

Don't forget the bathroom or bed ............I take my Ipad with me there too

A great invention

Bud said...

Billionaires don't contribute to society.........huh?????

I see Jim druckenmiller gave away 700million to his family charity...............in 1993 !!!!!!!!!

And we just learned about it yesterday............he kept it quiet .......didn't want any attention or praise

Bud said...

That fin-erg requirement about CEO pay is outrageous!
!!!!!!!!! What does that have to do with the company's performance

Perhaps this blog should be renamed.............'view from the politburo'..................'musings from the central committee'


Bud said...

really ponce......have you ever used an Ipad.........you don't know what you're talkin about

oh wait..............feminine hygiene products...........you are an expert on those

this message and all the above

sent from my Ipad

Bunkerman said...

Bud, the key phrase there was "to his family charity"

And what did that entity DO with it ?

Make any significant contributtion to elevate humanity ?

Make any magnificent gifts ?

I guess not or we'd have heard.

Bunkerman said...

not one of these innumberable billionaires is doing anything comparable to Carnegie or the wealthy men of the Renaissance.

Bunkerman said...

$1 billion would send 10,000 young people a good state university four a four year program.

$1 billion would save the homes of 10,000 people of the working poor whose mortgages are underwater by $100,000.

For a pittiful part of $1 billion, a magnificent memorial to the dead US & Allied soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan could be built.

And the what about the families of the war dead ?

$1 billion would likley send all their children to college.

Are thse selfish, self-aggrandizing billionaires doing ANYTHING comparable to what I've been able to think of in one minute ?


They are worthless and should be scorned by all.

Spin-em said...

"there are hardly any of us left"

and why do you think that is, douche?

can you answer the question on your ipad???

mfl59 said...

Jim Druckenmiller was a qb einstein

I think you mean Stanley Druckenmiller

Spin-em said...

Bub also read Sam Drucker was a big giver in Hooterville....