Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Morning Ramblings

Let Greece default.  Why should that affect the Euro?  If Alabama defaulted, the dollar would not be affected one iota.

More research with hard data is crushing the global warming propaganda machine. Here's another link with more proof ->

As the authors are Serbian, they cannot be blackmailed by Al Gore's evil minions.

To reiterate:  major global temperature changes over decadal and century time periods are caused by changes in cloud cover, whihc are caused by cosmis ray flux changes, which are casued by soalr wind changes, whaic are caused by solar activity changes. Every link in this chian is backed by hard science and known physical processes, and is further backed by spectacularly significant correlation observations of solar activity measurements with global temperature.  Man is insignificant; carbon dioxide levels in the atmospere is an effect, not a cause.

The global warming scaremonger "scientists" are like patent medicine hawkers, telling a gullible public scare stories to get grant money.

To repeat, check out the Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt.  I just read the section on his observations on how corruption worked in the New York Assembly in the late 19th century.  The methods seem to be in use now.  One technique is a form of blackmail:  introduce a law that might harm some corporations, then collect lobbying donations to stop it.  Has anything changed?

If you have private businesses, remember to pay your estimated taxes by September 15 (Thursday).

Some big cap stocks are getting intriguingly low priced.  As your writer is outside the prime spending years [24-55], dividends matter a lot.  I am looking for more solid stocks paying over 3% with reasonable prospects of future increases.

Word of the Day

"Fardel" - noun [$100] archaic; used in the Hamlet's soliloquy.
Fardel means a bundle, a burden.
Sentence:    The common man and woman bear fardels working in the fields and factories, while the hogs at the trough in the Dark City slurp the feed.


Bunkerman said...

my global purchasing power is going up ... discount on next trip to Europe


Bud said...

agreed Bman......greece has to choice

Bud said...

good for you Bman

on the other hand my global purchasing power been decimated..............bought Lucky jeans this weekend............160 bucks...........holy smokes

does the common man wear jeans Bman ????

Bud said...

any stock purchases today Bman ???

Bunkerman said...

re jeans, yes, he buys them at Wal-Mart for $30-40 (guess).

Bunkerman said...

try Sears - they always had good quality jeans at a fair price.

Bunkerman said...

not yet re stock.

starting a list.

(these will be boring stocks for a trader)

Spin-em said...
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