Monday, September 19, 2011

More Blather from Barry

Barry (aka Obama) has brought forth a new wave a blather and bloviation to pander to his base, viz. unions, the hard left and government workers.

His vaunted "jobs" plan was touted to a joint session of Congress as something big, but it turned out simply to be a plan to tax the private sector to fund public sector jobs.  And the taxes were permanent, while the "jobs" were temporary.  Short term thinking, thy name is Barry.

He comes out with a new tax on 'Millionaires" - I wonder what his definition for that is?  Don't we already have a minimum tax that forces them to pay?  Would his tax get to big mouth Warren Buffet's billions?  I doubt it, unless he goes after the charitable deduction for them.

He already has some rather large tax increases coming in 2013 from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the new taxes for his health care boondoggle.

Does he want to cut spending?  Nope.  Are any government departments or even sub-departments headed for the dust bin?  Nope.  Will government "workers" get a pay cut?  Nope.

Barry is in campaign mode. He's done his polling.  Now he's doing the one thing he knows how to do - talk.  Blather.  Bloviate. Blab.

When one reads the news stories about his "plans", we find no details.  For example, the Buffet "Millionaires Tax".  Here is the gist of it:  (WSJ) "On the Buffett Rule, for example, the president is likely to stop short of saying what the minimum tax rate should be for millionaires or how much money the new policy would raise."  In other words, it's just a talking point now.

Why bother listening to him any more?


None.  The past few weeks have been much ado about nothing.

Word of the Day

"Pronate" - verb [$10]
Pronate means to rotate the hand and forearm so the palm faces backward or downward.
Sentence:  To indicate the judgment on Barry's plan, pronate your right hand and extend its thumb.  Yes, that's a fancy way to say, "give it thumbs down".

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