Friday, September 9, 2011

More Blather from the Bloviator

Barry offered some re-tread policies to carry the nation onward.  All he had to do was to read posts of the past two days for real solutions, and he failed.

Of his entire package, only $50 billion was offered to infrastructure, and that was rather vague.  The rest is borrowing money to invest in ... nothing.  Sigh ...

Meanwhile, Bank of America [aka BofA] plans to cut 40,000 jobs.  BofA already has terrible service.  The one job cut that might help that company won't be announced, viz., the firing of its CEO.

The Pharisees in the Dark City continue to rule and do nothing but posture to collect money from lobbyists.  The plain people deserve a new Square Deal.  Where is the 21st century Theodore Roosevelt?  Sigh ...

Book:  I suggest the Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt for reading.  I started reading it a week ago.  The book has no ghost writer, being written by the great man himself in a plain, refreshing style.

Word of the Day

"Catharsis" - noun [$10]
Catharsis means 1. an emotional release in drama or art; 2. (Psychology) the process of freeing repressed emotion by association with the cause, and elimination by abreaction; 3. (Medical) purgation.
Sentence:  The quintessential achievement of catharis in drama has to be the scene in Sophocles' Oedipus the King when the truth finally is exposed to all, by the persistent questioning by Oedipus himself.  Moral:  some questions are best not ever asked.


Bunkerman said...

Solyndra, a California solar-panel maker once hailed by President Obama as "the future" of clean energy, is the target of a criminal investigation into whether its executives knowingly misled the government to secure more than $500 million in loan guarantees

sigh ... "green jobs" are a chimera.

Spin-em said...

the teachers...the teachers.....poor bastards only get180 days off!!!!...we need to keep the teachers and mf post men...

can just imagine what costs the bunkerman could slash if he was postal Czar...pick up ur own mf mail at a central location with geezer exemption

you 2 hour lunchers???...YOU'RE FIRED!!

Spin-em said... homes,roads..destroyed up and down the east coast......dopey question..but does this help economy down the road??...or does the lack of flood insurance kick it in the stones?

Bunkerman said...

spin, helping the "economy" and helping the people are different.

disasters hurt more than they help, but if insurance, money flows in, that can offset a lot and help providers of repairs, etc.

My guess is that a lot of the people had no flood insurance as those areas seemed surprised they might be susceptable to a flood. I also think many of those areas were already depressed & might not recvoer for decades.

Bunkerman said...

Mr. Market is giving Barry the five finger salute.

Bud said...

Europe is on the brink............germany making plans to shield it's banks from greek default

once again the moderator of this blog slow to recognize a catastrophe