Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF and a bit more

Is the Board of HP out of its mind ... bipolar?  They obviously should all resign.  We are seeing the destruction of a formerly fine company with fine products.  How much money have they paid the ex-CEO?  The ex-ex-CEO?  And now the new CEO?  The directors? What a remarkable cluster FUBAR!

We bought a few stocks yesterday afternoon about 3:30 when the DJIA was down well over 500 pts:  JPM, HBC, FCX.  Those had been on the shopping list for awhile, but at the prices offfered then, we decided to start buying.  Those are not trades, but are long term investments.  Buys were made with 25% of the cash raised when the S&P was over 1300 a few months ago.  We are looking for more buys/adds to make in high quality stocks with dividends over 3% and plenty of room to raise them, meaning that payouts should be under 1/3 of earnings.

Word of the Day

"Suppurate" - verb, intransitive [$10]
Suppurate means 1. to form pus; 2. fester.
Sentence:  The self-inflicted wounds of HP continue to suppurate as the Board of Directors does nothing effective to cleanse them.  Resign!


Bud said...

Bman you really crack me up................the dollar gets decimated for a year............upticks for 2 seconds

Bud said...

go to a grocery store

beef at record highs
bread at record highs
mangoes at record highs

i can go on and on and on.............common man crushed

of course a harvard elitist like you only care about your european vacation

PS.......where you going this winter........skiing in the alps? vienna??

Bud said...

enough with the QE3 catcalls frosty..............QE2 was a collosal want more ??????????????


Spin-em said... summer...will you use your increased global purchasing power in Europa and buy a ticket on the super collider for a trip to the year 2200???lol

Bunkerman said...

I don't ski - seems like an idiotic sport to me - going down a mountain fast in the cold.

Bunkerman said...


I think they either made some error or found advanced neutrino waves. (waves of neutrinos coming in from the future).

Advanced waves are necessary to include in a number of calculations to get the correct answer; never truly understood - one of those things swept under the rug.

Like dark matter for 30 years.

Bunkerman said...

the common man has been ground to dust for 40 years by the educated & professional classes (aka Phirsees) in alliance with the rich & powerful in the Dark City.

Much like what happening in the 1880s - 1890s; took a Teddy Roosevelt to turn things around.

Spin-em said...

golf fees..waaay down

Spin-em said...

sorry about the Red Sox Bud...we really tried to help you guys out...looool