Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Center and the Fringes

The Center

The common man and woman is the center: 2/3 or more of the American people simply want to lead their lives with fairness, hope and some security. They want the government out of their bank accounts and bedrooms. They do not want to be pushed around by bureaucrats or billionaires. They are a sleeping tiger.

The Fringes

The fringes are represented by talk radio and NPR.

The Right

The billionaires on the right and their propaganda machines want to keep the people vulnerable and divided. "They" want no government so "they" can loot and pillage the people and get more wealth and power. They want to enserf the people with economic pressure.

The Left

The left wants to turn everyone into a government employee whom "they" can control with all sorts of regulations and restrictions on freedom. They despise Joe Sixpack; they think the common man and woman is stupid and unruly and needs to be "led" forcefully, like a herd of sheep, to live the life of a ... serf.

Both Fringes often team up in that Dark City in the swamp, aka Washington DC. Hmmm DC = Dark City, or maybe City of Darkness ? Certainly it's not a City of Light or that Shining City on a Hill, and definitely not St. Augustine's City of God.

The People

The principle problem the people not have is that they are being distracted and herded by the baying of the wolves on either side. They have no leader or leadership group - no vanguard party (to borrow Lenin's concept). They are pushed hither and thither, but going nowhere. Both sides are picking them off a few at a time, enserfing more and more people.

Politically, the door is wide open for a new Party of the Center; the barn door is wide open; one could drive a Mack truck thru ... if there was a driver.

The ideology would be Free Fraternalism (or something like it), but there's no driver - no leader.

Let's keep scanning the horizon for a leader, a big fellow on a white horse, an honest man (or woman) to support. Maybe one will appear.


None yet. Krypto still has a weak sell signal on some gold, but we usually wait for a strong signal in that volatile asset class. TIPs are not yet at favorable prices; those need QE2 to end to get Treasury bond prices down for less than 10 year maturities.

Word of the Day

"Revenant" - noun [$10]
Revenant means a person who has returned, especially supposedly from teh dead.
Sentence: Newt Gingrich wants to be a political revenant, but he has little support among the common man and woman.


Tom said...

NJ's Christie scolding both sides...Is HE your honest man sir??

mfl59 said...

Go get em Big Chris!!!

Bud said...

spoos green............oil green.........silver green..........yup.....QE2 is workin alright....SPX 2k comin soon

dollar tankarooooooooooooooooooooo

Bunkerman said...

dunno, I'll have to start paying attention to him.