Monday, February 14, 2011

Engage the People

The People are the ultimate power in the United States, and they are often a sleeping giant. Today, important decisions must be made to choose the path of the United States for the next century. The old path has become wrecked, littered with trash from past mistakes and barriers created over at least the past 40 years. We need a new path to a better nation and a happier people.

A Great Debate must begin and that Great Debate must involve the people in their towns and homes. Arguments must engage them and draw on their beliefs and ideas. We must stop thinking that the Ruling Classes and their media and bureaucratic allies will find solutions. They don't even know the questions and they certainly don't know where the people want to go. Most of them have no connection with the common man and woman for their entire lives.

Ronald Reagan wanted to lead America to be a shining city on the hill. He had a visions and could explain his ideas; America understood and followed. But America left the path upon which he started us.

The Crucial Question now is not, "What is to be Done?", but it is "Where to we want to Go?" What kind of society do we want to be in 40 years?

Without a national consensus on the goal - the endpoint - we cannot choose a path. That's how the world works. We know (or learn) where we are know and we must decide where we want to go, and then, and only then, choose an optimal path to get there.

The People must be involved in that decision. They must accept the goal. And by not just a majority, but by a super majority. The center mass of the people - the middle two thirds, need to be engaged in The Great Debate to reach a consensus on where we want to be as a people in 40 years. The fringe 1/6 on either side are simply left aside. The center 2/3 - the center of mass of the nation - will control its trajectory.

We reject "solutions" imposed by DC, its hegemonic class and their bureaucratic and media allies (such as the DC-centric "Deficit Commission"). The People meet to become involved in debates across the nation; the people should communicate with new media in thoughtful ways. Don't let the screeches by the fringes control the debate. Ignore them.

Where do we want to Go?

Let the Great Debate begin.

Word of the Day

"Vatic" - adjective [$10] formal
Vatic means prophetic, inspired.
Sentence: We need a national consensus for where we want to go, where we want to be in 40 years, whether it's created from vatic leadership or from gritty debates in our homes and towns.


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The Vatican

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