Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Washington's Birthday

Today IS the birthday of George Washington, born 279 years ago.

Tolstoy and Marxist philosophers believed that classes and masses of people determine the path of changes of a society, not people. George Washington is a counterexample.

Without this singular man, the American colonies would likely have lost their War of Independence.

Without this singular man, the independent American States would likely have split into a cacophonous mess after winning the war.

Without this singular man, the new American republic would likely have failed in its first decade of existence.

After the end of the war, even his "opposing number", King George III of England, recognized his greatness.

George Washington changed history. Without his existence, the world would be very different now. Would the United States even exist? Without the United States, would Europe be a German Empire? A Nazi Empire? A Communist Empire? Likely something of that sort would indeed exist.

The unwavering moral compass that George Washington possessed guided him. Perhaps it was connected to his dignitas - his drive to be a good, respected person. The man himself, however, gave full credit to "Providence" and / or the "Creator" and / or "Almighty God" in many letter and speeches and words in both his private and public life. His faith both motivated him, helped him endure adversity and hardship and kept him from the clutches of hubris.

Let's celebrate this great man, not by worshipping or adulating him, but by learning about him. That's how we can honor him, by learning about his values and virtues and beliefs, to use them as a model in conduct of our lives.

One wishes that the current nest of knaves in the Dark City in the Swamp (aka DC) would do this. But I suppose they will not even recognize this day for what is actually is. We need new leaders who measure up to George Washington to lead this nation into the 21st century. Just a few, maybe one, will do.


Washington's God, by Michael and Jana Novak, researches many original sources to examine the nature of Washington's God. To quote a review, "This important book brings to light sorely neglected dimensions of George Washington's life and thought. Readers will better understand our country by understanding the deepest convictions of its founding father." I'll second that.

The answer: George Washington was not a deist. He was a practicing Anglican (aka Episcopalian) in the common 18th century latitudinarian manner, without any particular doctrine or needs for the surface practices of any sect beyond belief, prayer and faith. Washington's God was the God of the Hebrew, Christian and Muslim faiths. He saw the hand of Providence actively as guiding and helping him, his men in the army and the nation to become what it has become. He prayed often to Almighty God.

But read the book and form your own opinion. The book contains the facts from letters, speeches, and from his stepgrandchildren who knew him from family life.


This morning's action will definitely cause Krypto to give stronger sell signal for gold and silver. I'll sell some (about 10% of holdings) at the open, via GLD and SLV to re-balance the Krypto Fund. Proceeds to cash for now.

Word of the Day

"Intercalcate" - verb, intransitive [$10] and "intercalcating" - participle.
Intercalcate means 1. insert (an intercalary day or month); 2. interpose (something out of the ordinary course); 3. (as 'intercalcated' adjective) (of strata, etc.) interposed.
Sentence: On the day that George Washington was born, the date was February 11, 1732, but since 11 days were intercalcated in 1752 (see below), the date in our modern calendar is February 22, 1732.

From the Internet [ http://www.polysyllabic.com/?q=calhistory/gregorian ]: "Although Queen Elizabeth I initially expressed some interest in changing the calendar in 1582, the Church of England effectively tabled the idea, which was not taken up again for nearly 170 years. By that time, passions had sufficiently cooled that when the idea was introduced as an act of Parliament in 1752, it passed with hardly a murmur. The English colonies in America changed at the same time. By that time, 11 days now had to be added, which the English did by skipping from September 2 to September 14, 1752."


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well well well Bman

revolutions and uprising all over the globe...........still think QE2 was a good idea Bman ???????

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revuelta revuelta cubanos .... El tirano debe ir !!.... para su información .. No es 1960 .. Es 2011! Párese sobre su propio pie


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QE2 is working, improving the lot of the common man and woman.

QE2 was and IS a gerat idea.

Go for it, Battleship Ben !!!

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Revolutions for freedom are good.

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I think Saudi Arabian protestors should easily win "best dressed to topple a government" and "sweetest rides at the protest square" awards