Friday, February 18, 2011

G-20 Garbage

Why does anyone pay attention to these G-20 meetings? They are simply utter garbage, boob bait for the world's bubbas, a form of circuses for the news junkies and policy knaves and dopes who want to think their governments care about or are doing anything to help the world's common people.

They are not.

G-20 meetings are simply press propaganda events for governmental leaders filled with phony photo ops and vacuous communiqu├ęs. Forget them. Ignore them. Don't feed the beast. Give it the derision it deserves. The public should give the G-20 the five fingered wave of good-bye.


Silver reaches a multi-year high. I'll check the Krypto Fund to see if any actions are warranted.

PS: None yet, getting closer.

Word of the Day

"Unctuous" - adjective [$10]; alternate spelling 'unctious'.
Unctuous means 1. having the quality or characteristics o foil or ointment; greasy; 2. unpleasantly flattering, oily (of behavior or speech.
Sentence: Why or why does our "press" behave like unctuous courtiers at G-20 meetings and Davos? Are they simply bending over to get ratings and interviews? Or is it more? Are they apart of the problem as allies of the hegemonic classes (aka Rich & Powerful) and their blood-sucking bureaucratic allies? I think yes.


Bunkerman said...

I guess a government shutdown is one way to cut spending, as long as workers receive no pay for shutdown days.

Spin-em said...

alotta angry people yellin in groups..all over middle Jim Lahey would say..I feel the winds of a shittornado a brewin...the shit clock is runnin Bunk......the shit clock is

Bunkerman said...

Hmmm I wonder what a riot of public employee union members looks like?

I suspect they wil not get much public support from taxpayers.


Bud said...

spoos green.........oil green..........silver green..........cotton green.....wheat green..........SPX 2k comin soon

let it fall my ass

Bud said...

Bman how do rising wheat and meat and fruit and vegetable prices help the common man ????

ranchers and farmers my ass

Bud said...

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke offered his most pointed rebuttal yet on Friday to foreign critics who say the U.S. central bank's easy-money policies are causing inflation and asset bubbles abroad.

He said policy makers abroad have plenty of tools to fight inflation and asset bubbles themselves, including allowing their exchange rates to adjust higher to prevent overheating. Mr. Bernanke also said surging growth in developing economies, spurred in part by their own economic policies, were causing trouble for America.

this guy is crazy.............and the Bman cheering him on................makes me puke

Bunkerman said...

what he said was true - China could let it's currency rise and then get oil, cotton, etc. cheaper in yuan.

Bunkerman said...

lol, Bud, when was the last time you bought a bushel of wheat or a bale of cotton?

Those items are a small fraction of cos tof finished goods.

Gripe to the CEOs who use that as an excuse to raise prices to pay themselves more.

And meat is in the price range its been for years.

Ben is the working man's hero!