Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Word of the Day

The Word of the Day in this blog is a selection from my card file of words that I have come across reading books, which at the time, I either did not know the meaning or, even if I had a slight notion of the meaning, I could not reasonably articulate that meaning. My card file dates back to high school circa 1970, when I was trying to improve my vocabulary. Yes, I had to take the SAT and various Achievement tests to apply to places like Harvard. Those tests were required to help those schools could measure the knowledge of a person from a small town in Ohio to students from the well-known prep schools of the East coast and famous schools of NYC. Doing well meant a chance at admission.

Being a per person who works hard and tries to improve oneself, I turned to keeping a card file of new words. And that file still exists. I occasionally find cards written in my old handwriting - cards that I created in high school for words like "mendacious".

I write about this so you'll know I'm not using some Internet word list, or words from the word of the day of, or any other artificially created list. These words are words used by writers of books that I am or have read at some time in my life, or from articles in a good magazine such as National Review.

A word list works for me; over time many of those words have moved into my oral or written vocabularies.

Word of the Day

"Metastory" - noun [$1000]: made from the Greek combining form, "meta" combined with the common word, "story".
Meta: a Greek combining form conveying the principle notion of sharing; action in common; pursuit or quest; and especially change (of place, order, condition or nature).
Sentence: [from "Washington's God" by Michael and Jana Novak, page 140, referring to changes circa the beginning of the French & Indian War] "A new sort of metastory began to take shape to explain what the colonists were experiencing ..."


Bud said...

Bman should the egyptian people build a statue of dr bernanke in tahrir square ?? cuz QE2 did cause the surge in food prices all over the globe..................there is no doubt about that

Bud said...

Bman how exactly does QE2 help the common man ?? by increasing his grocery bill..........huh ???

Bunkerman said...

lol, Bud ... interesting idea.

But, no, I think giving any credit is premature. Let's hope they choose a good path, not like the French or Iranian revolutions.

Bud said...

Bman has QE2 created any jobs ??? other than in the paper and ink dr bernanke prints away

let it fall my ass

Bunkerman said...

by helping keep the economy growing and give job growth a chance to get started.

I wrote before that it did a fine job in helping corporate balance sheets become very strong.

I'm sure some people benefited from lower rates in refinancings - not as many as I'd wish.

Weather is increasing the grocery bill ... it will came down eventually.

Bunkerman said...

QE2 also helped prevent the double dip that mnay feared last year.

Bud said...

the French revolution was not a good path ...............huh ???

so some blood was spilled after centuries of oppression.........

' the tree of liberty must be sprinkled with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time'

PS.........who said that Bman ??

Bunkerman said...

here's one for you, BUd: what has Wareen Buffet ever done to merit a Medal of Freedom? All he ever did himself is try to get richer and help his investors get richer. What did he ever do to help America or the common man?

That was like giving Scrooge the Medal of Freedom.

Bunkerman said...

I'd guess Thomas Paine.

Lol a few thousand murders are OK?

Did you forget Napoleon arose from it?

And started a pan-European war of conquest?

Bunkerman said...

Paine & Jefferson were a couple of the fools who swooned over the French Revolution and countenanced the murders.

They even tried to involve the US in a ruinous war with Britain to help it.

Idiotic idealists could have America, had not George Washington & John Adams stopped them.

Tom said...

"BUNKERMAN PRESENTS.. WORDS OF MY LIFE"...they are extra special..not from some lousy internet/wikilist

Tom said...

Bud said...

thomas jefferson Bman..............very very famous quote

and yes.............jefferson was a huge fan of the french revolution.....he actually was advising some of the revolutionaries......while he was Secretary of State..........john adams was not happy about that

Bunkerman said...

uh, Tom, the point was they are real words that I've found used, not a cheap phony word list I copy from some other place.

I provide my readers with a quality product.


Spin-em said...

I agree Tom it was a lil self serving but you'll find he needs to that that from time to vituperation from yesterday sent him running for his