Sunday, January 28, 2007

Big Business in the Tank II

How sweet it is! A few days after my post on big business colluding with environmentalists to pump global warming to stifle competition, another aspect of their efforts to stick their hog snout in the global warming trough is revealed. The Wall Street Journal on page A10, upper right, January 26, 2007 issue points out that most of the big business collaborators have alternative energy divisions and investments that need government protection and subsidies. I am very happy to see my instincts confirmed.


Bud said...

Which American business doesn't ask for government protections and subsidies? These companies should be applauded for looking for alternate energy sources and recognizing the consequences of global warming.

Bunkerman said...

Ha ha, that's (a) the "two evils make a good" and (b) the "everyone's doing it, so it's OK" thinking. Anyone paying attention who is over 45 knows we went through this before in the 1970s. And untold billions were wasted then on worthless alternative energy ideas. And that many of the same scientists now screaming about global warming were screaming about "the coming ice age" then - just to get grants. They even admit they use shrill scenarios to get grants.