Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hillary the Grifter

I suppose it's no surprise that Hillary was deeply involved in the payoffs for pardons scandal of the last days of hubby Bill's administration. Thanks to Investor's Business Daily (page A18, 1/29/2007), I found out how her brother Tony Rodham seems to have gotten a VERY favorable "loan" of $109,000 from a felon who miraculously received a pardon from Bill. Very good terms on that loan - no payment ever required. A tiger never changes its stripes - Hillary received a $100,000 payday scantily disguised as cattle futures trading profits over 25 years ago, and her trail of corruption has never stopped.


Bud said...

In the 90s Newt Gingrich and his right wing hacks in congress wasted....uh...i mean spent 100million dollars of taxpayer monies "investigating" the Clintons. All they could come up with was Bill on a blue dress. The American public didn't buy these stories then and they won't buy them now. ( His job approval rating never fell below 50%....something the current president can only dream about.) Of course i expect the GOP to revive all this false garbage to distract from their miserable and pathetic record in the congress and the white house.

Bunkerman said...

Are you trying Operation "Change the Subject" here, Bud? Well, my prior posts show I lay the lumber on R's as well as D's. Hillary's just no good, Bud - she's dirty and will lose. Find a better candidate.