Tuesday, January 30, 2007


India seems to be super long term bullish story. India has favorable demographics, many people speak English, the government seems to have moved away its prior hard core socialism, and its growth is excellent and seems to be in the early phases. The government is spending on infrastructure that will generate growth. India is a democracy with a 50+ year track record and a court system (not perfect - which is?) that draws much from British traditions. S&P raised India's sovereign debt rating to investment grade overnight, bringing it in line with Moody's and Fitch; hence India is no longer split rated. I have a substantial "alpha" investment in India-oriented stocks in the amount of 5-7% of core holdings. [For me, an "alpha" holding is over and above the core indexed assets. I'll write more on this technique later.] A good place to get information on India-oriented stocks is http://www.globaltechstocks.com/ where Jay and Lovaii provide insight and current information. There's good insight on many tech stocks from Jay and on option trading there from Adam, too. Also see http://in./finance.yahoo.com/ for pricing and other news.

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