Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Breakfast, etc.

I'll write more about breakfast in general later, but today's gave me a chuckle. I had smoked salmon, organic yoghurt, three organic figs & an organic banana . The funny part was how my two dogs charged upstairs to my office to plant themselves next to my desk when I picked up my tray. They LOVE smoked salmon & I always give them each about five small pieces as I eat it. Once they have five, they leave. You see, they have learned how to count to five. They remind me if I leave a piece out, too.


eric said...

hey Krypto hows it going? the mernster told about you blog. Whats you take on CAT earnings on the 26th? I think you were bullish on spring calls if I remember correctly. I am interested in playing with it, looks like a decent fish play. Thanks some of in the tank miss you. Eric

Bunkerman said...

Hi eric. See my comment on mern's question on the above post. I miss many tanksters, too. I'm sticking to my intermediate term plays on my own thinking - doing fine. I have lots of spare time now - am enjoying it.