Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vista Sucks !!!

Look, if you have any choice, don't buy a computer with Vista. It totally sucks !

I get endless updates. The computer does those "waiting" signs [the little circle spinning] for long period when I'm trying to do something.

It crashes a lot.

Shutting down or restarts can take many minutes - even an hour.

You have to run a virus checker and firewall anyway - so you get those headaches, too.

Of course Dell loads all sorts of crap onto the computer and some doesn't work.

The Windows Photo Gallery is OK, but one has to search to find where it puts the photos when I download them from my camera.

I'm never going to buy a Windows computer again.

It's 2007 - PCs have been around for 25 years. One should just be able to turn it on and have it work, like a car. Why do we have to be a techie or know a lot to use them? That's crap.

I'm going to buy a new Mac - the biggest and best - and if I like it buy a couple more.

I'll keep the Vista as a reminder of why I shift to Macs.

I think Mac will eventually get 25% of the PC market. [Btw, I am long AAPL.]

The iPhone and iPods work great with the Macs.

Why would anyone own a Windows computer unless one was require to because of work ?

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