Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Blank Wednesday

Nothing is happening, just the usual blather & bloviation by the press and the empty suits who are our "leaders".

AAPL reported good sales & earnings; the stock traded up in the afterhours. I saw an iPad on Monday - looked good and I confirmed it's compatible with the wireless modem in the bunker. Normally I used hard wired Internet since it's more secure, but for my planned applications with an iPad, wireless will be OK. I think I'll buy one in August.

Krypto is doing nothing but sleep on the couch. No new orders for the Krypto Fund.

Word of the Day

"Thrasonical" - adjective [$100]
Thrasonical means boastful, vainglorious.
Sentence: Although her performance year-to-day is superior to most hedge fund managers, Krypto is anything but thrasonical; she just likes to sleep quietly on the couch and collect her fees - dog biscuits.


Frosty said...

the sausage king can't get off the perfect fried egg and spam breakfast over the line...what a lazy should feel great shame sir.

Bunkerman said...

Lol I just had nothing to say.

I'm getting ready for my yearly MG shoot in VT:

I had raw rolled oats, fruit, walnuts & yoghurt for breakfast; and black coffee

Frosty said...

rolled oats are for should hire wilbur as your bond trader...sorry Krypto.

Frosty said...

what say you ie job claims on your heros put lipstick on the pig...I know I know...distractions.

Bunkerman said...

I think a # in low 400Ks

I think unless economy worsens, the companies are running out of people to lay off.

But public sector layoffs could worsen.

Frosty said...

thanks Bunky

arte johnson said...

seb...had fewer and fewer comments lately...dur to trip to holland? what's your take on recent political stuff? be honest, do you have any positive thots on obamau?

Bunkerman said...

"be honest, do you have any positive thots on obamau?"

Nope. He's a poor leader, has no administrative ability, no ideas, no understanding of the problems of the common man, and appoints poor people.

Bunkerman said...

comments fell off a lot when one commentor who generated lots of "contention" decided he could not take the heat or criticism (but loved to dish it out).