Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I was asked yesterday late in the comments if I had any positive comments about Barry - Sulla - Obama. My answer follows: "Nope. He's a poor leader, has no administrative ability, no ideas, no understanding of the problems of the common man, and appoints poor people." I can add to that this morning. He violates the Constitution by targeting US Citizens for assassination. That's pretty bad.

If asked that same question about George W. Bush, I would answer that he chose fine justices for the Supreme Court and made up for the mistakes of his father (Souter) & Gerald Ford (J. P. Stevens). Without John Roberts and Steven Alito, the Second Amendment could have been tossed into the wastebin. But with them, it's been upheld in full. Thank you, W.

Today I travel to Vermont to my annual MG shooting event (with lots of proper BATFE paperwork in hand which approves the trip across state lines). Here's where I'm going ->

It's great fun. !

And I will fully exercise my Second Amendment rights as a free man :)

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Word of the Day

"Grange" - noun [$10] and "The Grange" - proper noun [$100]
Grange means 1. (British) a country house with farm buildings; 2. archaic a barn.
The Grange means the Patron of Husbandry, a farmers' organization that had been formed for social and cultural purposes. The Granger Movement (U. S. History) was a campaign for state control of railroads and gran elevators, esp. in the north central states, carried on during the 1870s by The Grange.
Sentence: Outwardly, to the uneducated eye, the Bunker appears as a grange in encroaching woods, but on very close inspection, ...


Bunkerman said...

I was wrong about claims - had thoght a # in low 400K.

commentary sounds like the auto summer layoffs are affecting numbers ...

I still think layoffs should ease soon.

Bunkerman said...

nice rally ... I wonder if it's all trading ping-pong or if there's any "real" force behind it.

some earnings were OK.

Loading the "truck", off to VT.

enjoy the fun & weekend.