Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Nothing is happening.

Krypto has a sell order for some emerging market stocks via VWO, the Vanguard Emerging Market ETF. It's a weak signal, so I think I'll wait a bit, as I did last time on that one. This is just a rebalancing trade at the 5% level, meaning that the asset class of emerging market stocks has 5% move money in it that a perfectly balance portfolio would have. A strong signal is 10%.

A second effort for a summer rally is in progress. Perhaps this time it will get further along. Futures are up this AM after being flat overnight.

Word of the Day

"Simulacrum" - noun [$10] the 'i' is short as in 'bit'; the 'a' can be either long or short.
Simulacrum means 1. an image or a representation; 2. an unreal or vague semblance. ALT: 1. an image of something; 2. a. a shadowy likeness, a deceptive substitute; b. mere pretense.
Sentence: Obama is a mere simulacrum of a leader. All talk, no substance.


Frosty said...

spoken like a true piranha...interesting your beefer ways have morphed into some sort of asset model managed by a K9 in an attempt to mask your action to fool the common man reader...you should feel great shame sir.

Frosty said...

your 2nd half low call and the resulting rocket ship higher are looking good so far, what was your high water mark sir?

Bunkerman said...

wrongo frosty ... I'm proudly helping the common man beat the dirty beefers at their own game.

My 2nd half high pick is 1240.

Frosty said...

cramer and kass both..."low is in for the year"...did you have the beefer jewcrew over for the bbq on the 4th...very proud that you didn't allow your anti semitic tendencies get in the way of making money....USA USA USA

Bunkerman said...

oh, we've known for years that they both read this blog.


Frosty said...

you are or were a CSX man...printing a huge juice reversal bar off earnings...you thinkin a period of sell the news.

Bunkerman said...

Don't know, frosty ... there's alway a bit of that - it's a fave game for beefers.

I haven't followed the RR's for awhile. I mostly take orders from Krypto.